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  1. klx300russ

    Riding Watkins Tomorrow; 1/2/11 They open at 10:00am

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. The temperature was fine. A little chilly but definitely not too cold to ride. When I spoke to the Woman in the office on my way down she said all the snow was cleared from the track the night before. This wasn't exactly true. It never got warm enough to melt the snow so it was super slick. There was only one other rider. He was a nice 16 year old kid and we rode laps together for a few hours. He got a shovel and cleared off the jump/feature thing right by the bleachers in the front. He showed me how to get through that section much quicker than I had done it before. All it took was a little peer pressure to get me to go through it in the top of 3rd gear ;-) All in all I don't think it was worth the drive but I was coming down to visit with my nephew anyway so it didn't matter. I had my $15 worth of fun.
  2. klx300russ

    Riding Watkins Tomorrow; 1/2/11 They open at 10:00am

    I was just checking out the hourly temperature forecast and I think I'll be getting there at 11:00, probably ride from 12:00 til 3:00. I doubt many people will show up. Just look for the slow guy on a 2-smoker and stop by and say hello. Russ
  3. Hello All, I'm heading down tomorrow to pick up a nephew and bring him back to the mountains with me for a visit. Since the VDR hare scramble is cancelled I'm going to turn some laps at Watkins. It would be great to see some friendly faces. I'm definitely going to be there this time and it will certainly be my last CO ride for a very long time. I have a Dark Blue F-150 and an 06 YZ 250 with a kickstand & black number plates. I just called the hotline and they said it will be open at 10:00am and closing around 4:00pm or so. She said most of the snow was cleared. Watkins is right around the corner from where my nephew lives so I'm giving it a shot regardless. I hope to see some of you out there. Thanks, Russ
  4. klx300russ

    Riding VDR Christmas Day

    I might see you there Sarah. I still can't believe you think my 2 smoker is louder than your thumper, LOL! Hopefully we'll get to ride before I move. I'm headed out to South Dakota in about 2 weeks. Russ
  5. klx300russ

    Berthoud Sunday 12/19

    Sorry I missed a great day. I woke up at 7:00 and had a horrible tooth infection! It was nasty. I ended up having to have the tooth surgically extracted today. I should be fine to ride this weekend though. The Christmas Day ride with the RMXA gals sounds tempting. I might even consider coming down and staying with family so I can ride Sat. & Sun. Russ
  6. klx300russ

    Berthoud Sunday 12/19

    I'm planning on riding as well. Probably won't be there until noon-ish. This will be my last ride in CO for a while. I'm moving to South Dakota in January. I have an 06 YZ250 with black number plates and a dark blue F-150. Stop by and say hey.
  7. klx300russ


    BrokenSpoke2, I would be happy to split travel and lodging expenses for some WEBE events this coming year. I seem to remember doing this a few times with you for other races and it's worked out. I just looked at the WEBE site and can't find the 2011 schedule. Is it posted anywhere? I hope to see you Sunday for the VDR HS. Russ
  8. klx300russ

    Last Minute Weekday Ride At VDR

    Will do. I'm driving a Dark Blue F150 with FMF stickers over the Ford emblems. I hope the weather is as nice as the forecast is predicting. It should be a good day.
  9. Hey Everyone! Sarah and I are meeting at VDR tomorrow around lunchtime (maybe earlier) for a weekday moto session. Anyone & everyone are welcome to join us. We're both on Yamaha 250's. Mine smokes. I doubt there will be many people riding so we shouldn't be hard to find. I hope to see some of you out there. Russ
  10. klx300russ

    Milliken race

    Hey Denise! How did Clay do? Russ
  11. klx300russ


    I just had my suspension done by RDP. I'm really happy I chose them. Anthony took a great deal of time talking to me after business hours to get an idea of what I wanted/needed. I could tell right away he had a genuine interest in setting me up right, not just in making a sale. Also, when they came across some major problems with the internals in my forks the crew came in early on a Saturday and got my bike done for me even before the time they had quoted me. By the time I drove 3 and a half hours down from Steamboat to pick the bike up Anthony was waiting for me. He set the sag for me and helped me wheel the bike up into my truck. They do top notch work and have outstanding customer service. My bike handles great! I should have done it a long time ago. I've only ridden a few times on the new suspension but I can tell it will not only be more fun but a lot safer. To anyone considering having them do your suspension, you will definitely not be disappointed!
  12. klx300russ

    What Was I thinking riding Rampart on a sunday

    Seriously? Cutting trails, not waiting at intersections and not knowing how to use hand signals! That sounds like a good recipe for people getting hurt. It drives me nuts when I'm riding in the woods and I give hand signals and the folks riding the other way just wave. I may not be real fast but I try my best to ride safely and respect what trails we still have open. I have to admit though I was taught to ride by folks from TT and KTMtalk so I had good education early on and I'm still learning.
  13. klx300russ

    What Was I thinking riding Rampart on a sunday

    What a horrible story Cat Man! I can honestly say that all the people I've ridden with who I didn't already know I met through TT or KTMtalk and I have never had an experience like that at all. I still ride with almost all of those folks and have managed to make a few pretty good friends along the way as well. It sounds like the guys you rode with were really quad riders at heart ;-)
  14. klx300russ

    Berthoud Sunday 11/7?

    I actually just ordered the ODI bolt on grips instead. $20 for both grips and throttle sleeve and no more glue or safety wire. If I don't like these I'll order the Tusk aluminum sleeve.
  15. klx300russ

    Berthoud Sunday 11/7?

    Sorry I missed you guys. I couldn't salvage my existing throttle sleeve. Thanks for the recommendation husky. I've ordered the aluminum tusk part. I look forward to riding with you guys soon. -Russ