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  1. stanleigh12

    WR 450 Seat

  2. stanleigh12

    Cal City Rain Storm

  3. stanleigh12

    my 07 WR450 :)))

    Bike is sweet!. I will post mine today.
  4. stanleigh12

    New To Me BRP

    A true Thumper....
  5. stanleigh12

    WR 450 Seat

    I have a dime hole rip in the fabric and would like to rebuild my seat as it is friggin hard!
  6. stanleigh12

    WR 450 Seat

    Need help where I can find a seat for my 05 WR 450.
  7. stanleigh12

    Show me your off road and enduro rides!

    Send a pic...
  8. stanleigh12

    08 green verses 08 red 450 ride

    I prefer blue myself....
  9. stanleigh12

    WR interchange-ability?

    All good advice!!!
  10. stanleigh12

    Not liking my wr450

    I have an 05 WR 450 Installed a FMF complete system along with all the other AIS mods and I am faster than a 07 KTM 450 EXC
  11. stanleigh12

    Where did you ride your WR today

    Red Mountain, CA
  12. stanleigh12

    Shipping a Motorcycle

    Thanks, bro
  13. I am purchasing a dirt bike out of state and need to arrange shipping to CA. Can anyone direct me to a company who provides this service? Thanks!
  14. stanleigh12

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I installed a new back tire!
  15. stanleigh12

    Bikes for California

    I am the same size as you are and have been riding a 05 WR 450 for two years. I absolutely love it!!