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  1. I just bought a 2010 yz250f and done about 6 heat cycles and rode it a couple times for a few minutes and when i take off its slipping and you can hear it using yamalube 10w 40 anybody have same issues or can help me out:thumbsup:
  2. blue122

    2007 ktm 400

    I was curious if someone could help me out on the way about how to get a 2007 ktm 400 exc because I have heard alot of stories because there not sold in the us anymore so help please....
  3. A kawi sweep langston and stewart take it.
  4. blue122

    RC over his head?

    I think RC wouldnt of passed CR if reed didnt have a level 3 dislocation because I wouldnt race with that kind of injury the guy is tough hands down but james is the man to beat and rc points lead is slipping away.
  5. blue122

    Quadrants vs. Trackers vs. MXT Boots

    The thor boots just bought a set so far good nothing to complain about.
  6. I wish everyone would quit whining about CR's injury hes 1 of the 3 fastest riders in the word and he has to fake a injury the guy is there every weekend and consistent on the podium the guy is smooth unlike stewart and RC is smooth and consistant but dont trash talk CR because he that dam good
  7. blue122

    Reed didnt make the rules

    Thats right ricky didnt pull away so wait until daytona where chad reed came from 16 second back last year to pass rc and win so chad is learning a new bike for supercross so chad will be there same lap times as rc in atlanta hes getting more confidence.
  8. blue122

    Reed didnt make the rules

    I think people should realize that the fuel thing with Ricky has happened to chad and bubba and saying chad doesnt deserve it BS he is on the podium every week and not crashing like the other 2 and chad always turns it on in the second half of the season due to liking the east coast dirt so go CHAD the next 06 sx champ
  9. blue122

    Cr, Rm, Kx, Yz, Sx 125 00-02

    KX OR YZ both good bikes and reliable
  10. blue122

    Stewart needs to be punched

    If you follow chad reeds career he turns it on in the midway of the season like every year last year winning 5 out of 8 races so you cant count the man out
  11. blue122

    Stewart needs to be punched

    I would quit talking crap about stewart because you know coming from behind moving up you dont always make the right decision and you know he didnt do it on purpose so anyway THE MAN IS CHAD REED he will when the title .
  12. blue122

    What tires to use

    The michelin s-12 front and rear best damn tires made in soft to intermediate terrain so get them you wont be dissapointed.
  13. blue122

    05 yzf450 vs. 06

    The first impressions is at the dirt rider website for the 06 yz450 havent looked at but seen it so check it out.
  14. blue122

    06 yz450f vs kxf450 opinions

    : There both good bikes cant bo wrong just depends on what color you prefer but yamaha has proven itself kawi is new so good luck.