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  1. Pollock

    Kx250f or Crf250r

    Thats stupid the kxf doesn't have a higher compression cause its twin cam! the compression ratio is the ratio between the amount of air at bottom dead centre and at top dead centre just cause there's an extra cam in there doesn't mean theres more compression. Honda= better suspension kawi better motor... its your choice id say try and get a ride and see what you think is more comfortable.. everyone i talk to though are faster on the honda's though because of the suspension package...
  2. Pollock

    Chad Reed ready to race!

    for anyone who's bagging Reed for hie lack of dedication to the sport should look to what he's doing in australia! he has a rider that he solely sponsors (luke george) and is even looking into having his own supercross series! Chad even rocked up to the Aussie jnr titles last year and says he plans to do it again this year with his part time contract! and thats not because he is contracted to go he just wants to! Chad is a champion and there is no doubt about it! So what if he cant run Stewarts pace? is anyone else apart from RC? didn't think so! and if your thinkin this blokes just sayin this cause he's an aussie your probably right! but i dont care!
  3. the top wma riders are one thing but katherine plumm is another! that chick is fast! at one of the aussie events year before last she was doing a step up triple that not all the pro riders were doing! you never know how fast someone is till you match yourself up with them! I've raced a couple of the faster girls here in aus and they are pretty quick! let alone what the girls doing the wma are. i'd imagine most normal blokes would indeed struggle with keeping up!
  4. Pollock

    Motocross Movies

    Relish. Best motorbike movie i've ever seen!
  5. Pollock

    Your biggest jump!

    Longest Ive done is 100 feet at a place called blackduck valley but they have a 130 footer that some people do... bit big for me yet! There is a local kid that goes there on a small wheel 85 does the 100 footer and its part of a track too not that much of a run up! He's a nut! i think he got a third at the KTM world mini's...
  6. 1) AMERICAN offroad racers are not very technical! If you have ever seen footage of european circuits they are! 2)GNCC's are a a much more moto style event to what Juha was doing! plus doug henry hadn't just had an extreeme culture change to deal with! 3)I would love to see RC even challenge Knight in the bush! 4)MXERS are faster on a motocross track than offroaders! There are not many people who can make the transfer and even be competitive at an expert level! Doug Henry and Ryno are just a very talented riders! funny how Doug is good at motard too! whoa! that must be a coincidence! Stefan is one of these people as well! 5)Knight is not in a class of his own, Merriman and Juha are at his level in european style events if you pay attention to the WEC you'll see that merriman is only secs apart. 6)Knight was a world champion trials rider before he started enduro! I would like to see Ricky do that! 7)Knights domination last yr that is crediting his current status is mostly due to the departure of Juha to the GNCC's and Merriman missing in action for almost 4 rounds of the WEC due to a ruptured spleen! Which he came back from to pressure Knight for most of the overall wins! 8) Juha has lifted the entire speed of the GNCC competition.
  7. Pollock

    best tires for yz250f

    millvilles are good but only on the soft stuff i an tear one up in 6 hrs of riding easy on hardpack the carlsbad is better for the hard stuff and provides really good traction but if its loamy or sand then a millville is a good chioce and for front try a michilen starcross bit exxy but real good and if your willing starcross rear is probably the best thing you can but for a 250f they are amazing! just real expensive
  8. Pipes will increase power on some bikes and on others they just change the delivery slightly... this doesn't make u as a rider faster and races aren't won on straights they are won in the corners! a pipe will give u better starts and possibly quicker shifting but... it doesn't give you bigger aggates! and anyone who thinks a loud pipe is scary and will make people get outta the way should actually race! dont listen crap bout that go talk to a mechanic at a local bike store about the way you ride, your speed and where you ride he should be able to perscribe you the right pipe for your bike!!!
  9. Pollock

    Help! '03 yz250F forks..

    Mate in the manual it says to run a oil level of about 145mm i weigh 75kg and i just did mine they are perfect! remember if you put too much in they will jus blow again! stick to what the manual says they are there for a reason!
  10. Pollock


    I've got a '03 yz250f and i flat landed a jump racing on the weekend pretty bad nothin like i have ever felt. when i got back to the pits i noticed that the inside of the pipe was dented and scratched really bad but the tyre doesn't touch the pipe and i'm thinking that it has hit the disk has anyone else ever had this happen? and if you have, have you ever had a problem with the suspension afterwards? i've already blowen both fork seals!
  11. You should be checking the oil level before every ride and while u do that look at the oil on the stick and if it's starting to get dark then change it every rider is different and after a while u will get used to how much you can ride before u change it. and dont use anything less than full synthetic!!! also try to get your oil pressure checked every once in a while because the 02's are coming into the era where they blow up and that could cost a lot of money to get fixed
  12. Pollock

    Stewart needs to be punched

    Stewart no dobt is an awesome rider but the guys head is so far up his own arse it's not funny he has to grow up and settle down! does ricky ever have an excuse for losing? no! thats the kind of guy that stewart needs to take a few lessons from! till then he's just a punk kid with a crap attitude that wont get him a title in that class!
  13. Pollock

    Any Gold Coast/ South Brisbane Riders

    mate there is a lot of organised rides up here get onto the dalby moto website it will give u a list of upcoming rides and go to the killarney border ranges trail ride it's the ride of the year!!!! also up in maleny this yr the trail ride is back on!! look out for flyers later on the track is goin to be awesome!!!
  14. Pollock

    Help out the new guy

    Yea mate do the filter as often as possible keep it spotless! and the oil every 10 hrs. as for the valves round about every 20 - 30 hrs, every couple of weeks is overkill as long as you keep everything else up 2 it! the 04 models have had a lot of problems with valves you can use a lead suppliment to help this! the 05 model bikes are a much better bike i would suggest buying one of those as for the 06 models they look bloody fast!! i raced the honda japan test rider on the weekend and ive never seen a bike do that before!
  15. Pollock

    230 or 250?

    Mate the blokes telling you to get a 250 are right go for it! i think that the 230's are more for the ladies. Guys grow outta those things in months but the 250 can be used to help u improve for a lot longer.