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  1. asbarounis

    thinking of goin back to a 250

    yea thats what im lookin for maybe like an 06 or 07 yz 250 and some cash. i have it posted on craigslist and a few other things, just to see what people are offering. i went from a yz 125 to a yz 490 to a yz 450f so im pretty familiar went 2 strokes and im pretty sure if i find the right deal im gonna go for it...
  2. asbarounis

    thinking of goin back to a 250

    so i have a bit of a personal dilemma... I have an 07 yz 450f and dont get me wrong i love it to death, but a few weeks ago i hopped on my buddies 06 yz 250 and man is that thing fun. I am contemplating trying to find someone who is willing to trade.. what are your guys opinions. I like the 2 strokes, due to the fact that the maintenance is way easier, and a motor rebuild is much cheaper. That is right up my alley too, considering i am a 20 year old student with a low paying job. lets hear some opinions guys..what do you think would be a fair trade, its a pretty clean white 07 yz 450f, mostly stock...
  3. i have a 2000 f150 I love the thing to death plenty of power 5.4 liter engine is great can't go wrong with either truck i was raised on fords though
  4. asbarounis


    2000 F-150 Lariat 100,000 miles still runnin strong:ride:
  5. asbarounis


    how do you do that? lol im interested to learn
  6. asbarounis

    Which do you think looks best?

    the r1 most definetely. that thing is glorious.
  7. asbarounis


    worth the money? yay or nay.
  8. asbarounis

    so. cal mx tracks

    Pretty easy and fun track. Its called av motoplex. check it out. it doesnt get too crowded
  9. asbarounis

    Blown up 06

    damn good price. im goin there to get mine. i live 20 minutes from there
  10. asbarounis

    broken collar bone :(

    im definetely gettin one of those thanks
  11. asbarounis

    What was the worst bike you have ever owned?

    i had 2 when i was little. never had a problem. good memories on those
  12. asbarounis

    What was the worst bike you have ever owned?

    1990 yz 490 death on two wheels like riding a dinosaur
  13. asbarounis

    no more 2 strokes

    lol i love it
  14. thats what you get for thinkin
  15. asbarounis

    YFZ 450 or YZF 450

    sooo true but alot of obese people haul ass on two wheels