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  1. 03z

    2002 Rm 85

    Thank's for the reply's. I did take the PV covers off and clean it real good and the muffler needed repacking but other than that everything looks real good. It still smokes more than I like but it seems to run real good. I will try playing with the jetting next and it is needing a clutch.
  2. 03z

    2002 Rm 85

    Thanks guys for the input. I thought mabe the crank seals may be bad because of all the spooge where the pipe and silencer come together and because it smokes and when I checked the plug it was a tan color. I used a 32:1 mix of yamaha 2 stroke oil and then tried a 40:1 mix and still smoked. I did take the silencer apart and the packing was toast so that may have been stopping it up a little. Seems to run really good on the top but pretty weak on bottom until you get it on the pipe. This may be normal for this machine because it has been a long time since I rode an 80 or 85 cc bike.
  3. 03z

    2002 Rm 85

    Hi guys, I have a couple of questions about a 2002 RM 85 I just bought for my son. I am kind of going through it to get it in good shape before he starts racing it. First off I have read that these are hard on crank seals so I would like to replace them, do you have to pull the cases apart to do this or can you just tear down to them and pick them out to replace. Also how do you adjust the power valve on these. I have ordered a manual but it will take about a week to get here. The top end was supposed to have been replaced recently but I am not sure. I checked the compression and it is at about 165 psi, does that sound right? Thanks for all your help in advance because I am not very familiar with setting up dirt bikes for racing and I will probably need alot of help.
  4. 03z

    LRD on a Z400?

    I have a Factory 4 on my 03 and a friend of mine has the LRD system on his 04. Both are very good with great low end and hardly any noticable gain from one to the other. Maybe with other mods you could tell more but not in stock form.In my opinion either choice would be a good one.