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  1. jjjyz450f

    New rings, should i hone the cylinder?

    DO NOT HONE CYLINDER! In the manual it says to not hone and bore cylinder there is a special plating process on the cylinder walls.
  2. jjjyz450f

    ttr90 frame

    Titohead, Sorry man I didn't mean to sound soo negative , but where I ride the jumps are like mini supercross style jumps. This one rhythm section at my buddies house goes like this back to back 15ft doubles with 4 ft faces with 65 to 75 degrees angles on the faces. Then right after those doubles is a 18 ft double that you land right into a left hand 90 degree turn. So that section right there you would be about 6 to 8 feet in the air . Its kind of intimidating, and not for beginners. The jump we just added is crazy, its like 18 to 20 ft long but you land down into a 8ft hole. So its like a long drop down double but, you can't come up short cause you will bounce off the top of the landing you will break your neck at the bottom.
  3. jjjyz450f

    Bent my 06 Swing Arm...question 4 U..

    I have a 2003 yz450f swing arm. I will sell it for $150.00 . Its in very good condition. I do not know if it will fit your 2006 yz450f? It will be on ebay in like a week or two. So if you want it I must know so I don't sell on it ebay.
  4. jjjyz450f

    Metal on oil filter (pic)

    78SHARPSHOOTER, The reason I asked if it was modded because from that picture it doesn't look like metal. Did you put a bolt on heavy fly wheel weight? You should probably remove the ignition cover because it looks like pieces of your stator assy. is coming off and getting into your oil. You will need a fly wheel puller (also a air or electric impact gun) to pull off the fly wheel to look at your stator. Thats where I would start. It should take you like 10 mins with the proper tools, very easy.
  5. jjjyz450f

    Metal on oil filter (pic)

    What year bike and have you done any mods to it?
  6. jjjyz450f

    If your muffler...

    radio, Some people buy them for pit bike racing and for fun, not just riding in the trails. My ttr90 has been great to me. As for the kawi's and honda's, I wouldn't go that far as saying they are way better. May be some model's are but not all. The crf 70 and the klx110 would be the bikes that would be compared to the ttr90. The honda would definitely not be better for a pit bike racing, just trail riding. The klx110 is a good bike for pit bike racing, but there are some pro's and con's. The klx110 weighs a bit more then the ttr90, the ttr90 has a lower center of gravity. So a bike like the ttr90 might fit a beginner rider better and has electric start, also I believe they are cheaper ( I'm not 100% sure). My ttr90 that I have is bullet proof. I beat the piss out of the motor when I ride it , and they were designed for little kids. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL . Great bike
  7. jjjyz450f

    ttr90 frame

    I don't want to sound negative toward you, but you are way too big for mini's . I have a ttr 90 and I'm pushing the limits on the bike . I weigh between 170lbs to 173lbs. If you ride real aggressive like I do, then you probably don't belong on anything less then a full size 125. You will be doing constant repairs to the frame and suspension in the future. Sorry to sound so negative, but Good luck
  8. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    Yeah baby!!! Just got my 2000 kx65 forks & triple tree set up in today! I still have to buy a complete wheel assy , brake rotor, caliper, master cylinder, brake line, front fender, and number plate. Then I have to make a spacer to make it all work on my ttr90. I can't wait till I get this thing back together. My cousin has a 1989 yz80 shock lying around so I might try to use that some how. I figure out something to make that shock work. GIT-R-DONE!
  9. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    Oh yeah almost forgot to add , you will be doing some jetting
  10. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    Not bad, very nice! Hey I have a suggestion about your air filter, you can buy a pod filter very cheap for like $10 to $20 depending on where and what you buy. Uni has a angle pod filter for like $15.99. The left fork kind of hits it when you turn the bars all the way left, but I wrapped mine with a zip lock bag (zip tie) and cut a big hole in the bag on the left side of the filter. It protects the filter from the fork getting filter oil on it, and also protects the filter from dirt coming off the front tire. It sucks air right near the left shroud, it works great. Let me tell you BIG DIFFERENCE!! If you buy one make sure its the 15 degree angle uni 2-stage pod filter. I think TWO BROTHERS sells a good pod filter also really cheap. For the price of the shipping you should order 2 filters if you buy any. You will have to take measurements of the O.D. diameter of the opening of the carb. I forget what the measurements were. Good luck!
  11. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    my brother had a 2002 crf50, 88cc big bore with carb and cam, stiffer forks springs, shock spring, heavy duty lower fork legs, wheels front and back, top clamp with handle bar kit, oil cooler, taller seat, BBR pipe, chain and sprockets, and BBR swing arm. paid $900.00 for the bike and put $2600.00 into the bike. I paid $1500.00 for left over ttr90 new got around $1000.00 into bike before these next mods that I'm doing.
  12. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    before the kx65 front forks and 120cc big bore, I think I'm around $1000.00 total. I don't know where I'll be after the front end cause I'm still shopping to complete it. To get the cylinder done will only cost $80.00 to press out old sleeve, press in new one and bore to proper size. I have quite a bit of money into it , but not as much if I bought a stock honda crf50 and modded it up.
  13. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    how much into the bike so far ?? or for the front forks ?
  14. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    Yeah this summer is going to be fun. The series I'm racing goes like this 50cc stock plus( crf50's, ttr50's) - 50cc to 75cc must use stock suspension( except changing of springs), must have open cradle frame, must have stock cylinder head, must have 10" rear wheel, must use stock transmission ( no manual clutches ), performance pipes and carbs allowed 50cc mod ( crf50's, ttr50's )- 50cc to 90cc must have open cradle frame, performance suspension forks and swing arms permitted, manual clutches allowed, cylinder heads, pipes, and carbs allowed 50cc open ( crf50's, ttr50's )- 50cc to 125cc must have open cradle frame, and wheels no larger then 12" any mods allowed with exception no larger then 125cc midsize 70-110 (crf70's, ttr90's, klx110's)- 70cc to 110cc must have 12" rear wheel, all engines must be air cooled, any mods allowed open 150cc (xr/crf 100,150, ttr125's, drz/klx125's)- rear wheels no larger then 16" and front wheels no larger then 19", all bikes must have a 2 valve air cooled engine, all mods allowed
  15. jjjyz450f

    Stock Ttr90 Exhaust??

    I will post some pics in like 3 weeks. I'm still waiting on the kx65 front forks that I bought. I need to buy a complete wheel assy, brake rotor, caliper, master cylinder, brake line, and a number plate. I can't post any pics cause its apart right now. Waiting on some parts to put back together. As soon as I get it back together I'll post some pics of the bike, then with the new front end on it also.