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  1. paulyt

    pics of KTMs that arent orange

    Very nice Moo!!!
  2. paulyt

    Let's see some more KTM pics

    Just a few pictures of my 05 525EXC on a few weekends away! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=6/16308285975.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=6/16308263290.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=6/16308223190.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=6/16308162587.jpg&s=f5 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=6/16308185460.jpg&s=f5 Hope you enjoy some Australian pictures!
  3. paulyt

    07 560?

    How exciting is that? Might be a reason to upgrade the old girl! Havnt heard anything down here yet. Hope the gas tanks are bigger!