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    Just be sure they are the same length as the stock shocks. Any longer and the chain tensioner bracket will hit the frame. I think they are 15 1/4 '' eye to eye. I have also noticed that some yamaha atvs like the banshee , have a similar design and same length on the front. Don't know if the springs might be a bit soft though. But you can get used ones quite cheap on ebay. One of the shock web sites ( i think it was either performance or works ) have a detailed list of all the sizes that different bikes use.
  2. xr7097


    You might want to try bjracing.com, they specialize in older trials bikes and have 2 or 3 choices of replacement shocks for the tlr200. I managed to rebuild mine as the rubber seals were still good. As for the carburetor , it uses a 22mm which is also found on Honda xl125's and cb 125's. I also cleaned and rebuilt the original using a 100 main jet from a local bike shop. You can also use a 24mm carb, a 26mm is probably too big for this small valved motor.
  3. xr7097

    Amazing Raga Video

    Great video ! i haven't seen that one before. It really shows off Raga's amazing balancing skills.
  4. xr7097

    The fiddy is rippin'

    Very cool ! I just got my nine year old boy riding on a xr70. Its a great to see them take off for the first time. Kids learn fast. Those training wheels will be off before you know it .
  5. xr7097

    Honda Reflex TLR200 questions

    I have a tlr200 also ( ex Reflex) that i love. I took all the road stuff off and rebuilt it for trials riding. There are quite a few mods you can do to make it a much more trials friendly bike. According to my clymer manual the forks take 7oz of 10w fork oil or automatic transmission fluid in each leg. with 0 - 5.6 psi of air. I experimented with mine and added air until i liked it. Also if you go with some 5w oil it will probably rebound alot better. I can hop my front wheel around nicely now. I also rebuilt the rear shocks and added a spacer to stiffen the spring , but i think i need some thinner oil as they dont rebound quick enough.
  6. xr7097

    TLR skid plate

    I,ve been looking around for one for mine also. Seems that most tlr owners make their own or have them made up. I think i will probably get a cheap plate off Ebay from another bike and maybe have to modify it to fit. The stock skid plates are useless. Someone was telling me they made a template out of cardboard and took it somewhere to be welded up in aluminum.
  7. xr7097

    My thoughts on Red Bull Last Man Standing

    Riders with trials experience seemed to do well. Notice how some could ride up that vertical mud wall at the begining whilst others had to throw their bikes up and then climb up . Knight could ride over the log and tire obstacles without putting a foot down. Impressive.
  8. xr7097

    how mental is this guy

    Maybe that was a parachute on his back. Just in case!
  9. xr7097

    Riding Trials Bike in Trails

    The best thing to get to you local watering hole would be one of those motorized bar stools they make already. Wouldn't have to worry about someone stealing your spot at the bar.
  10. xr7097

    Riding Trials Bike in Trails

    What a great idea! A zimmer frame with a lightweight motor and shocks on the legs. Got to start making these. Should make millions selling them to retired dirt bike guys.
  11. xr7097

    New MX track in north GA

    There a few orv trails in north Georgia. If you go up to cleveland ,check out the next town ,Helen, a pretty cool tourist attraction town with some good camping at the state park there. There is about 3 or 4 orv trails within 30 mins of Helen. One between helen and Clayton, a couple in hiawasse and Blairsville, one at a state park near Dahlonega( also a cool town to visit) and a couple more to the east. Would make for a great vacation. Go to www.georgiaoffroad.com for all the info on where to ride.
  12. xr7097

    New MX track in north GA

    I also stopped by to check it out a couple of weeks ago. Great family track and the owner is a super nice guy. Check it out ,if you can. Great place to take my 9 year old boy to ride.
  13. xr7097

    Trials in Georgia ?

    Thanks Nick. I hope to make a few stra events for the first time this year. probably the closer ones. I still have to get my stra and ama membership first.
  14. xr7097

    Trials in Georgia ?

    Are there any Trials clubs/ riding groups in Georgia? I've checked out the stra web site and although it seems there are a lot of members from Ga most of the events are in tennessee or Kentucky. As large as Atlanta is i'm surprised there are no local clubs. I would love to get together to ride with other trials riders without driving 100-200 miles.
  15. xr7097

    Tlr200 question

    I,ve been converting my tlr200 for trials also. I found a honda atc185/200 sprocket 10 tooth for mine. Has the same notch pattern. I used a circlip fom a hardware store to hold it on ,as the stock clip with bolts won't work.