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  1. Will talk to the shop tomorrow and ask how much a stator is. Checked the resistance of the one in the bike and my meter is showing 0.7 Ohms. Manual says should be between 0.2 and 0.4. Will borrow a calibrated more accurate meter from work and check again tomorrow evening but its not looking good. At least the bike runs well, just isn't charging!
  2. Well got brand new rectifier (£100) just connected and it up no difference, nothing going in the battery and still no lights!
  3. Just checked the magneto pick up coil resistance and it's within spec, as per manual. So is looking like rectifier.....
  4. I'm guessing new rectifier, would this be correct?
  5. Thanks guys, Connections seem ok. Put the meter across battery not running 12.8V, running at 1/3 to half throttle 12.8V!
  6. On a ride last weekend starter relay started clicking and not turning engine over, so used kicker for the rest of the day. During the day the bike ran worse and worse. Lights didn't work and red LED on igintion was flickering. Put new battery on, started on the button but still no lights, but bulb not blown. What's going on? Thanks for any help! Daz
  7. Thanks guys, will get the plunger out, give me something to do on these dark evenings. Like the idea of the slide hammer.
  8. Looked round the carby and found the Hot Start Plunger has got stuck, looks like corrosion has glued it in. The oxide has really gotton hold of the plunger and the cable has pulled thru the attachment point. Don't know if this is linked but at constant thottle say 1/2 open I get this intermittant missfire . Any ideas ? 2004 WR250F Standard setup.
  9. Many thanks for gettin this up and runnin again.
  10. Thumper FAQ Yamaha 250F site dosen't seem to be working or is it just me?
  11. Sounds like your not draining the oil tank, at the bottom of the front frame tube in the front of the engine there is 12mm bolt. This drains the oil tank in the frame. Like has been said before read the manual and do step by step. Can't go wrong.
  12. Yeah, got em real clean, all back together now. Thanks
  13. Excellent, thanks for that. Will get stuck into the garage tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Having never done this before, was wondering how difficult a job it is? I'm reasonably mechanically minded. Is there anything I should watch for? I got a Yamaha seal kit and intend doing the job tomorrow.
  15. I got the carb turned around so I could see the AP outlet face-on, where the fuel comes out. Combination of vinegar and a pin got the gunk out of the hole. Squirts about .5 second so will take out see how she feels.