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  1. def better than ralph for sure
  2. Supercross

    i8 hate nascar and speed the way they do that overplaying and then the worst is when motox or sx is supposed to be on, and not even racing is on..but 3 dudes TALKING about f'n nascar...jesz chrise...
  3. Supercross

    that link doesn't work
  4. pitster dealers and distributors beat the hell outta my local shops for the big four, even with a few weeks wait.
  5. ok found the link to your site, but the one that listed 2395, is that shipped?
  6. how do i find ncc's site ... or ncc ...pm me a price for one of these bad boys
  7. how long after vegas. hahaa im biting at the bit,
  8. so what the price on this incredible item and any estimates of gas mileage in town
  9. thanks for the info btw
  10. when is vegas???????
  11. no one is selling any 160's??? did people stop getting them>? jk, but seriously, will noone answer my inquiry ?
  12. i am just trying to see if anyone of the vendors has or when will they have the yx 160 back in stock, i would really like to order one, pm me with ANY info, thank you in advance!
  13. thanks alot, im sure others will find this useful as well as i me.
  14. by the way im a intermediate rider, who jumps big, and i like my suspenions fairly firm, and i weigh 200 lbs in my off season, which is now.
  15. haha thanks. so you r the great guy who made the 06 write up. THANKS !! so im speaking of the 08 pitster forks not zokes. i don't understand air gap... please itterate if possible, im sure this will help others as well. thanks again!