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    '06 engine locked up

    my bike was the one that blew. my teamates did the same thing. they were valve related issues. i think that there are just a couple of fluke bikes since mine and kamerons are the only ones to have done it in our area. our dealer said there were two in cali that did the same thing as well but thats all weve heard. i hope this doesnt scare any of you. and its not bs to try and get people to not ride the new kawi. the new bike is ridiculously amazing. [DREW]
  2. Downtownmx482

    '06 engine locked up

    my bike was the bike that locked up as told my mossyz in the bulletin. i just got word from my mechanic yesterday and my motor completely dissintegrated. it grenaded and there wasnt anything left.top or bottom.my freinds bike which also locked up a few days before mine however was not as bad. he had a valve breakoff that was then shot into the piston and launched through the cylinder. not as bad but still not good news. my buddy has to wait for parts sicne they are just goinjg to do a rebuild. kawasaki is sending a complete new case motor which should only take a few days before it arrives but im hoping this was a only a fluke on a few of the bikes. it did happen anywhere beween 15-20 hours of ride time. about 3 weeks per say. the serial numbers on my buddies bike and mine were about 50 apart so they arent too close but still cose enough for a bad batch...ill keep you posted about anything else i find out. [DREW] 482
  3. Downtownmx482

    '06 engine locked up

    whoa. ths is drew brown. i just replied to your your post but after reading it again i realized that you were talking about me and my bike. who is this by chance?
  4. Downtownmx482

    '06 engine locked up

    hey. i am both very releived and a little let down at the fact that you had an 06' lock up as well. i got mine aout 2 and half 3 weeks ago and i love the bike. i ride on a team in idaho and one of my teammates got the the same bike and we both got tem on the same day. last wedensay however as he was going through the whoops his motor ground down and locked up as well. with only about 3 weeks of ride time on it. i initially though he just blew his up cause he is hard on bikes. however, as i was in my final moto this past saturday at a local race my bike did the same thing. as i was going through the whoops the motor ground down and she locked up. i am very dissapointed just as a lot of the owners of the new 06's are as well. the bike is a time bomb. im curous as to see what wil happen with the bikes since they are blwoing up withing a certain amont of ride time. keep everyone posted if you hear anything else. thanks