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  1. SWYZ250F

    Jetting for AP Mod????

    I am getting ready to do the AP mod on my son's 05 CRF 250R. I am in PA. Does anyone have any suggestions for the jetting. Thanks
  2. SWYZ250F

    Srange noise after rebuild???????

    I tore it back apart to double check everything and the top end seems to be working properly. All the parts were getting lubrication so I am stumped. When it is cold, it sounds fine but starts the hollow abrasive sound after it warms up.
  3. SWYZ250F

    Srange noise after rebuild???????

    I replaced the cases and all bearings. I had a tight bearing in the transmission.
  4. SWYZ250F

    Srange noise after rebuild???????

    I torqued the caps according to the manual sequence.
  5. SWYZ250F

    Srange noise after rebuild???????

    I replaced the cam chain and tensioner so everything is new including all new bearings in trans. I rebuilt the motor because the cam gear on the crank was wearing like a worn out sprocket. The motor ran fine but did not want it to grenade.
  6. I just rebuilt my 250f top and bottom end and had the head done. I have a hollow, swirling sound coming from the top end after the bike is up to temperature. It runs great but I am extremely worried about the sound. The sound is evident all the time whether the clutch is in or out or in gear or neutral. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just bought a 2002 Yz250f and am the third owner. The bike is in excellent shape on the outside and ran great. This is my first four stroke and with hearing all the horror stories about expensive rebuilds I decided to check out the top end and cam gear on the crank. The top end checked out pretty good and am having the valves lapped in. I had planned on replacing the piston, rings, pin, bearing and cam chain. My problem arose when i checked the cam gear on the crank and it is worn pretty bad. I need to relace the crank and haven't done a bottom end before so i would appreciate any tips or tricks you guys have learned along the way as well as what else to look for when i have it apart, gears, shift forks etc. Also it necessary to have a puller to split the case or can you heat it.Thanks