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  1. Bøgh

    Twin Pipe for CRF450

    I don't know if you guys have this, but DOMA has made a twin pipe for the 450.. the pics kan be seen at www.jo-service.dk and at www.mxracing.dk.. It can only be bought at J.Ø. Service yet..
  2. Bøgh

    How are you liking your 06?

    okay I see what you mean, reading it through again.. but what i ment was that the 06-YZF and 06-CRF are equals, talking about power... that yamaha has a bit more bottom but the honda takes it all back in the in midrange... hope you understand my poor english...
  3. Bøgh

    How are you liking your 06?

    Hey guys... I have had my 06 CRF250R for a month now and i'm just lovin it.. I tried the 05 before getting this one and I must say that the bottom and midrange power is soo much better than the 05 plus it fells lighter and easier to ride.. I've had the YZF250 `03, ´04 and 05, that was for sure some nice bikes and the power was superb... But before bying my new 06 CRF250r I also tried the 06 YZF250 and the power was about the same, which impressed me, because I don´t think that the hondas have had the power that yamahas had in 04 and 05... But the thing that made me shift to honda for 06 was the improved handeling and fell of having a 125cc between the legs... I can't tell if it is the twin pipe or what it is, but you can do whatever you fell like on this bike and for 06 I think it's just as strong as the 06 YZF... -thinking of power, especally the midrange is improved on the CRF..