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  1. jabnasty

    04 CRF 450 Nasty Knock

    About 4 months ago the couter shaft nut stripped out and took out the whole countershaft bearings and oil pump gears. This is metal on metal sound so im thinking it might be bearings. But ill check the kick shifter spring. It knocks when the clutch is pulled in or out.
  2. jabnasty

    04 CRF 450 Nasty Knock

    Went to the track yesterday and landed a decent double and she started having a nasty knock. I dont think its the counter balance shaft because the last time it went out it didnt sound anything like this. So what usually goes on a 450 when they start knocking like this.
  3. jabnasty

    Limited Talent

    I drive an hour one way to practice. I think its all about how bad you want to ride. Ive only been racing a year, placed 2nd in my first series because I only went to 4 of 6 races. It all comes down to how much you want to ride and win, and with me winning is everything.
  4. jabnasty

    water pump seal

    Ive got an 04 450. Just replaced the impeller, shaft, bearings, and counter balance shaft and it still leaks. I cant figure it out. The cases aren't wore out either I checked.
  5. jabnasty

    04 Crf 250r Will Not Start

    Ill clean the carb and see if that does anything. Thanks
  6. jabnasty

    04 Crf 250r Will Not Start

    Sorry its a 450 not a 250.
  7. jabnasty

    04 Crf 250r Will Not Start

    Replaced the water pump assemply, counter shaft and oil pump nylon gear after it all blew up on me a week ago. Now it I have to kick it about 10 times before it will start and will only run for about a second before it dies. I can not keep it running. Any ideas? Thanks Matt.