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  1. Taxguy

    First post... TE250 - Should I buy one?

    Just a note on my TE250 experience, it dropped a valve and grenaded the motor at 350 miles, it has been in the shop now for 6 months and they still don't have parts for it:foul:
  2. Taxguy

    New TE250 Blew Up

    Update. I took the bike to my dealer 3 1/2 weeks ago, they said they would tear it down the following week and let me know what happened, but assured me it would be covered under warranty. I have called several times to follow, still no word from them on what went wrong or how long to get the bike back. This has been typical for this dealer, a thoroughly negative experience from the beginning.
  3. Taxguy

    New TE250 Blew Up

    Took it into 5th Gear today and Bill assures me that warranty will cover it; I should find out next week what happened.
  4. Taxguy

    New TE250 Blew Up

    I changed the oil and cleaned out the screens just before the trip, was the second oil change for the bike. The screens had quite a bit of junk in them on the first change, less on the second.
  5. Taxguy

    New TE250 Blew Up

    I have a new TE250, with about 6 hours on it, had it down in Utah and it died, leaving me stranded 20 miles back in the woods. The engine made some very nasty, self-destructing sounds, pissed coolant all over itself and now won't even turn over. So, the bike spent the night hidden in the trees, we trucked it out the next day and it will be going to the shop for warranty work next week. I will keep you posted as to what happens.....
  6. How many bikes can you fit into the "garage" My son and I debating whether we could get 2 or 3 into it.
  7. My wife and I have debated this for several years, my son and I love the TH but my wife and daughter like our TT. Today we went and looked at a new Cougar 320SRX 5th wheel. I like the idea of towing the 5th wheel rather than a TT and also like the idea of having the bikes locked up inside. Has anyone had any experience with this unit? See it here: http://www.keystone-cougar.com/?page=detail&year=2009&model=320SRX
  8. Taxguy

    Vancouver bike show

    I will be there tomorrow; looking forward to seeing the TE250 as I have one on order from 5thGear
  9. Taxguy

    2005 vs.2003

    hey guys i need a liitle help. my son and i have pretty much the same thing (a 2003 klx and a 2005 drz) but for some reason my sons bike has less jump making him a bit slower and keeping him from wheelies. him and i have been looking fo about a month but we can't find out what's causing this and it's beggining to get on our nerves that we can't do anything about it so what happened between 03 and 05 that could have made this happen?
  10. Taxguy

    Just purchased 2002 DR650SE

    I can say with certainty that my 2002 does 179km (111 miles) on a tank as I ran out last weekend and had to push it 2km to the gas station