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  1. triple 7

    Hey Ford Techs!

    Most of the time if the abs light is on,the system will not work. On that old of a truck its just the rear wheels anyway. If you want to just get rid of the abs light, pull the gauge cluster out and remove the bulb, its not that bad. The worst part is disconnecting the speedo cable from the back of the cluster. Its about a half hour job.
  2. triple 7

    Water Temp

    Mine runs about 150 with both rads taped off, but I have to really ride hard to get it at that temp. With the rads open it wont read the temp (below 100) outside temp was about 20 fairenhight. If I dont tape off the rads my oil will not burn off the moisture in it and turn a milky color. It has even ran out the dipstick hole when checking the level.
  3. triple 7

    Lets see the old IT's

    Yea I had a 465, a pretty blue one. Its nice to see the old chopers again, thanks. 777
  4. triple 7

    ford window rattling?

    Dang JAVAJOE nice avatar! Take the inner door panel off and drive it where it makes the most noise and maybe you can see whats causing the problem. You can have a helper look for you, saves on insurance.
  5. triple 7

    Battery question

    I agree with poakone, sounds like your battery is going south. My 04 is cranking slower all the time, it has the orignal battery.
  6. triple 7

    What's this bike worth?

    Yea, give it a try. My local dealer is selling 07s for 5600. But that's here in MN. Really its more like 5699, so my 04 is not worth a heck of alot around here.
  7. triple 7

    1982 days????

    Thats funny I've got scars older than you.
  8. triple 7

    1982 days????

    Oh crud! 1982. Thanks, I'd almost forgoten about the honda trial 70 that I abused to the bitter end. I miss that bike.
  9. triple 7

    What's this bike worth?

    If you ask too much, you can always drop the price alittle. Its much harder to go up in price if you find out later that you've underpriced. Check out ebay for the selling amount of similar year bikes to get an idea. Just a thought.
  10. triple 7

    any cheap 07 leftovers out there (wr450)

    I was at my local dealer the other day, and he told me $5600 for an 08. He didnt say it was a 07, I assumed it was an 08. If it helps. go to larsonscycle.com.
  11. triple 7


    I hate you guys! You've got hills and stuff.
  12. triple 7

    cr500 vs. kx500

    You guys rock! I thought 500 were dead. keep it up!
  13. triple 7

    cr500 vs. kx500

    I've had both and the kx is faster in a drag race, but the cr is way more comfortable, easer to ride. Both bikes I had were very tough, like and old hammer.
  14. triple 7

    Ice setup

    Thanks Shockdoc. Ive raised my forks as high as I can, I'll try to soften the rear as well.