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  1. mark63

    YZ450 tank on a 02 wr426

    I found it easier to buy the Clarke YZ426 tank and SDG seat combo from Clarke. They bolt straight on and you use the same shrouds. It saves moving mounts (welding) etc and the tank is only around half a litre smaller, no big deal.
  2. mark63

    yzf426 3rd gear blown

    Hey guys I have not had a problem with my 426 yet, but my buddy blew 3rd as well, sounds the same. Has not pulled it down yet, so I will be interested to see what happened and let all know. My question is where do I find a mag drain plug for the WR, I have heard of them for XR's. Cheers:ride:
  3. mark63

    YZ426 Grabby clutch

    Thanks for all the info:applause: I am not sure if his bike is a 00 or 01 YZ. I know he is using similiar oil to me, semi synthetic. He works away for two weeks at a time, but will email him about the mod and all your info:thumbsup: . Where the WR's different?
  4. I have a WR426 with all the YZ 03 cam and all jetting mods . I did the YZ03 cam mod to my buddy's YZ426. We went for a ride, he was impressed. We swapped bikes and I could not believe his clutch:foul: . Grabs while letting out, easy to stall, awful:thumbsdn: . He could not believe how smooth mine was. He had previously complained about it and I told to remove all the plates and make sure they all had the shiny side (smooth edge) out. He said that made heaps of difference. He also replaced the plates at the same time. Any idea's what he can do considering how good my original WR clutch is. Are they different? :
  5. mark63

    WR400 owner in Australia, after some advice!

    Hey Dao. I am from West Oz and a proud WR426 owner. I recently purchased the YZ426 tank (7.5ltr) and seat (SDG)combo from Clarke industries in the states for around $400 Oz delivered, my girl is now nice and thin with a flat seat now. Also order a YZ450 exhaust cam from Thumper talk store, OEM for around $150 delivered (check out the YZ cam mod thread). Starts first kick, no decomp lever and rides beautifully now, no compression lock ups to worry when you are in the tight stuff. Also do all the free mods like James Now and BK, then re Jet with a YZ250 needle and lean out the main to a 162. Also the best money spent was an adjustable air screw. I can pass you all the part numbers if you like. Cheers
  6. mark63

    WR426/450 gear troubles

    I have a 426 and have heard a few stories of riders having to rebuild gearboxes every year after continuing gear failures. A buddy recently blew 3rd, but has not stripped it down as yet. My question is has anyone got a fix if this could be an on going problem. I have heard of a need to chamfer gears a bit? Cheers
  7. I wacked a tree and smashed my head lite. The lens is shattered, but reflector is ok and works. They are $220 ozzie dollar from Yamaha. I know I can fit a aftermarket replacement assembly like a Polisport, but would like to keep it fairly original. Has any one found an aftermarket reasonably priced light that will fit. I do not use it at night or for transport, but like to keep it street legal.
  8. mark63

    yz450(03) cam/wr426, will not start?

    Thanks, it was the same info I used. I double checked everything, all ok. Did some basics, guess what 1 hour old iridium plug had failed. Stuck in the old CR8 and bang 2nd kick, awesome . Never forget to go back to basics , but incredible it failed during the first 30 seconds of new cam operation. You can not imagine what has been going thru my mind- bent valves, dented piston.
  9. mark63

    yz450(03) cam/wr426, will not start?

    Where did you get your info from about the one tooth forward. I would like to compare notes. Do you have a thread I could read. Thanks
  10. mark63

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    I just did the cam mod to my WR426b and am having the same starting probs. Even an awful back fire. What did you find was the problem
  11. I just fitted an OEM yz 450 exhaust cam and JamesNow mod. It took a few kicks and ran for a minute then stopped. Many minutes of kicking with choke on and off also a bit of throttle (seemed like not enough fuel). It started then back fired frightfully and stopped. No further kicking. Pulled it apart and rechecked timing again, as per all info I have. No noises during hand turning and clearances as Yami book (0.23mm). Prior to cam I turned the air scew out to 1 3/4 and bike starts great.It has a staintune pipe and 2500kms. Is the a jetting or starting issue or have I done something wrong. Cheers