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  1. Happy Birthday jimmy2x!

  2. jimmy2x

    Can't get my Yosh R3 off!! Help

    I did unspring the can and that thing won't come off either. I whacked it a few times with a rubber malet but it didn't budge. Like I said, I bought the bike with the pipe on it so I don't know what was involved to get it on. Does the muffler just slip on when it's new?? Thanks Jim
  3. I couldn't find anything on this so if you have any advise it will be greatly appreciated. I bought my 2002 DRZ "S" and it already had the Yosh R3 and its great and the bike hauls @#$. I would like to be able to switch it with a stock "E" pipe that I bought for certain situations though (camping, mellow trails, etc.) So I fiqured "just unbolt and remove. easy" Not so. I can't get the Yosh system apart and as far as I can tell I can't just "snake" it out. What the hell?? How does that thing come apart?? Thank for any suggestions! Jim
  4. jimmy2x

    DRZ 400 gas tank swap

    I have a 2000 DRZ400 gas tank in great shape. I would like to trade for a 2002 or newer if anyone wants. The yellow doesn't match. I guess they changed it in 2002? I also have some other parts I can throw in. Mostly plastics (from 2002 bike) and a locking gas cap with key and a beat up metal tank Thanks
  5. jimmy2x

    3 x 3 mod / pipe question

    It's a 2002 DRZ400s. The avatar is my old bike... need to change that pic. That was a 98 KLX300. Great to ride.. hard to start. I picked up the DRZ for $2000 used and have put about $300 into it and its lookin pretty sweet. Runs great, but it's a little loud. I have a short commute to work so its a great gas saver and a lot more fun to drive than my truck. I was thinking of getting an "E" pipe/muffler to quiet it down a bit but was trying to find out if it would be worth it. It may be my imaginatin, but I just did the jetting (to complete the 3 x 3) and the bike seems a little quieter. Maybe because it idles much better and no longer backfires on deceleration (barely) Thanks for your input
  6. jimmy2x

    3 x 3 mod / pipe question

    OK... I finally did the full 3 x 3 on my 400s. I'll admit that I'm not the first to part with a buck, but holy was it ever worth it!! The bike had the Yosh pipe already when I bought it so I basically only cut the hole, put in a new filter and did the jetting. My question is: I would like to (on occasion) swap out the Yosh pipe with a full exhaust system from an E model for street riding. Will this effect the jetting big time or is just a matter of turning the fuel screw a bit?? Or should I just say screw it and keep pissin' off my neighbors!! (just don't want to get a ticket for excessive noise) Any advice, as usual, is greatly appreciated. And again... if your in doubt about doing the 3 x 3, don't go out drinking one weekend and you can afford it. (and you'll have no hang over!)
  7. jimmy2x

    Not Just Another Gas Tank Post

    Hey.. easy on So Cal. I went snowboarding on Wednesday, surfing today and will ride this weekend. I'm not worried about more people coming out here though... I don't think anymore will fit!!!! well...it's not perfect.
  8. jimmy2x

    Stupid jetting question... I think

    Ah Haa!! I knew there was a simple reason. Thanks. I guess I should change my avatar. I just noticed it was my old KLX300. Which was a great bike by the way, but now that I passed the big 4-0, I'm loving that electric start.
  9. jimmy2x

    Swap jets without removing carb?

    Never done it that way.. I suppose you could. My best advice is to use a pair of channel lock pliers (long handles) and put a handle on each side of the air boot to pry it back, using the frame for leverage. It makes it pretty easy.
  10. jimmy2x

    Stupid jetting question... I think

    Thanks guys.. I have the DJ kit but the biggest jet in there is a 136.. I'd like a 140. I guess you have to buy that separate. Wow... 50 bucks for a needle and a clip. I guess the plastic case is pretty handy!! and I got 2 Dynojet stickers!! I'm a little confused why I need a smaller jet (had a 150) when I opened up the box (3x3) to let more air in. Wouldn't I need MORE fuel?? Thanks again Jim
  11. Alright... I finally got some Xmas money and bought the DJ jet kit for my 2002 DRZ 400s (Mikuni). The instructions say to" make sure it's the main jet your replacing" but doesn't tell you which one is main and which one is pilot. I couldn't find a pic or anything anywhere and the new jet fits several different places. Please help. I need to get the bike back together tonight. I can't read the numbers on the old jets too well, but the highest one (with the carb upside down) says 150. I bought the bike used from a guy who rode mostly up high(5000ft and above)
  12. jimmy2x

    DRZ500 Concept ...

    You guys don't have little kids do you??
  13. jimmy2x

    Yosh pipe with stock muffler

    I live in a very respectable neigborhood (besides my house of course) and my Yosh pipe is just to loud for street use. I use my 400S alot on the street and was wondering if I could throw on a stock muffler without too much re-tuning. I did the 3 x 3 , jetting, needle, etc. Anyone do this?? Thanks Jim
  14. jimmy2x

    Mikuni needle question

    The holes are in the air box itself not the side cover. So covering them up would only be seen when the side cover is off (by right side I mean where your right leg would be when riding) Thanks for the needle info. I think I may wait and order the jet kit before I reassemble. The bike hesitates when I take off. Once your moving it's great.. its just that initial take off from closed throttle to gunnin' it. Sounds like a new needle would help. There's a 150 main in there now. Should I go bigger?? Hard to tell what the pilot is.
  15. jimmy2x

    Mikuni needle question

    Thanks. I assume thats top to bottom?? The holes are actually in the air box itself. It looks like the previous owner may have drilled them. I was going to measure them and then cut out the top so the sum of all holes = 3x3 (or 9 squre inches). Or is best to just cover them up and do the 3x3??