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    surf, snow, ride, Angels, 49ers are coming back!
  1. xr400riderz

    advice on dual bikes?

    ya the klr 250 ( JR ) would be a good fit bike for you. Verry easy to ride, and cheap!
  2. ya rode with two huskys on sunday a te 250, and a te 450. Had no problem with the 250 and stayed right behind the 450.The xr 400 low end torque,smooth power delivery, killer look, and PRICE makes another verry stoked xr 400 owner! ........
  3. xr400riderz

    yoshimura rs-3 complete system?

    well it looks like none of you have any info on the yoshi. When i get it installed and all dialed in i will post it, thanks anywayzzzz.
  4. xr400riderz

    yoshimura rs-3 complete system?

    Anybody have a yosh complete system on there xr 400? I cant find much threads on this subject, everyone seems to think all you need is the gordon mods. I was wondering how it performs and what jet sizes you recomend at what altitudes? Any help would be appreciated. I have the hop up kit with the fat end cap and a 162 main and a 60 pilot, The bike runs good now up to 9000 feet and starts on 1st or 2nd kick. Gordon mods are great i just want to kick it up a notch,+ the sound of the yosh is awsome thanks.
  5. xr400riderz

    Should I trade him ?

    re: (that husky will never sit in my garage) well boys he traded him. Yep he got a brand new husky for 5200$ good job mark you will look good on that funky bike, Let all your fellow drz riderz know you traded fourms ha ha!
  6. xr400riderz

    Should I trade him ?

    well by your last post it sure does not look like your going to trade him? good choice. Ya good snow today but man i HURT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. xr400riderz

    Should I trade him ?

    Mark I know you love power your 44 going on 24 but, Come on dude your bike is so dialed in, You have made that thing cherry like your camero. I just cant see you on that husky. Do you really need that power? or are you just feeling bad for hollis? The money thing is also an issue. Ride it tomorrow if you like it PRAY they make a tank for it and do what you feel is good for you. I would keep your drz and make hollis deal with what he got himself into. I wouldent trade my XR for that funky lookin husky, But for the water buffalo drz i would, " hey wanna trade" ha ha ha. GOOD LUCK with your desision i will be in 2.5 feet of powder tomorrow late. DONT DO IT!!
  8. xr400riderz

    Best Dual Sport

    ya ya i do like your drz much more comfortable on the street. I think the yoush sounds great, and your suspension is nice, but you do have a newer bike than my xr, it is also a water buffalo, did i mention it is a water buffalo, The drzs was a pig stock and it has that electric button thingie. Im staying true to the xr mark maybe cuz i diddint have the funds for the drz or mabey i just love kicking that beautiful honda and hearing that low end grunt that sounds and feels so much more than the #$@.I love your bike bro but there is sompthing to be said about owning a paid for plated honda bad a$$ XR 400!!!!! hey if you still want to trade let me know. ha ha
  9. xr400riderz

    Best Dual Sport

    sure looks like a drz forum but im going to recomend the bulletproof honda xr400r you can still get brand new 04 and im sure your state is much easier to register than cali. The drz 400s is a great bike my bud sure rides his hard but not stock, It needs alot of work to be dirt ready. The xr 400r is a great bike and it is true bulletproof! All it really needs is a gear change and a carb/pipe mod and its ready to ride highway, dirt, desert, woods, whatever it is you are looking for im sure the xr400 will do. And its much lighter than those other bikes.
  10. xr400riderz

    XR4 Feedback!

    great bike with lots of low end grunt. It is really fun to ride in the desert and on trails, Not the greatest on street but you can change that with different gearing. A honda hop up kit is nessesary for more power and noise. No other 4 stroke 400 compares with the xr400 good job honda. If they still made them i would buy one more, you should be stoked when you ride a xr400.
  11. xr400riderz

    El Mirage Info?

    its a fun place 15 north 395 north left at crippin ave follow the signs. Dont park right on the lake at the enterance you will eat sand when it gets windy it sucks!
  12. xr400riderz

    is it just me?

    ya a little closer look at this bike and your right it is not a street registerd bike if it was it would be a fair asking price after all it is a XR!
  13. xr400riderz

    is it just me?

    that is a nice bike and it is next to imposible to get cali plates anymore so that is a fair price and i bet he gets close to it.
  14. xr400riderz

    Tires - So Cal Desert

    no body has recommended the dunlop d-739. does anybody out there ride with the 739 on the rear in so-cal desert that tire works great 4 me.