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  1. cando

    Jetting WR450 05

    Perhaps I will try after my desert trip in a few weeks.... but I tried the suggested JD jetting with also on the left side opend airbox, which made no differences except that it was loud
  2. cando

    Med/high speed hiccup on 04' WR450

    I am normaly not riding like this, but I will start to a desert rallye in a few weeks and there will be some connecting stages onroad Do you have any ideas how to jet with jd kit that comes nearest to Yamahas stock jetting. I noticed a smoother accel with JD needle that I would get again Thx
  3. cando

    Med/high speed hiccup on 04' WR450

    I have/ had the same studder problem on my WR450 05 when cruising constantly. After lots of testing with JD Kit and jetting I went back to stock settings with the Yam original needle OBDUS. Now the bike runs rougher on accel, has a little Bog on quick changing from idle to full as with the JD needles, BUT the studder has nearly gone. There is only a very small studder when cruising on higher speed (about 60mph) So I think there must be a solution whith jetting without disabling the TPS. But additionnaly I also think ther is a big difference on the Euopean and US WRs ( grey wire does no affect, jetting seems to be leaner?) Hope one fine day the jetting will be perfect or Yam will switch to injection :-)
  4. cando

    Jetting WR450 05

    Ok here some results of my tests in history: - firts I tried as suggested JD blue at #3 with MJ 170, PJ 48: it was terrible rich rich on high and low rpm, was stuttering on accel. and had a bog on 1/8 to 1/4 - changed setting to JD blue #3 MJ 168, PJ 48: high rpm becomes better, no reaction on changes on the fuel screw - changing setting to JD blue #3 MJ 168, PJ 45: accel on low becomes better, some reaction on fuel screw, when nearly closing the screw - changing to JD red #5, MJ 168, PJ 45: bog becomes better, at high rpm bad accel - changing to JD red #5, MJ 165, PJ 45: minimal bog on quick accel, some stutter on high rpms - changing to JD red #4, MJ 165, PJ45: minimal bog, stutter as described on top, when pulling the hotstart lever the studder goes away - the grey wire is grounded on my bike, but disconnecting it doesn't change the timing or something else, so I let it stock - I will let the airbox closed, because next weeks I will ride in very fine sand an I can not change the airfilter every hour @Indy: why should i change to PJ 48 and JD blue #4? Wouldn't this rich the setting on the lower/ mid end. I think the studder comes why I am to rich? I tried for test the original Yamaha OBDUS Needle on #4: nearly no studder, minimal bog on low, but the engine feels more rough then with the JD needle The setting with the Yam Needle + the smoothness of accel with JD Needle would be perfekt.... any ideas @desracer: good idea, I will check start lever cable Thx @all
  5. cando

    Jetting WR450 05

    Thx dan, I will try the grey wire mod, but I am not shure if it works on the European WRs. There is a grey wire but if it is grounded , didn't check it up to now. Does the grey wire mod affect the jetting to lean or rich? On the other hand I can't understand my complete different lean ( near to stock) jetting with the JD Kit. Most of you and the JD instruction indikate richer settings Can a lean setting of the needle be critical to the engine or do I only have to be careful with the mainjet? Greets
  6. cando

    Jetting WR450 05

    Hey guys, I am a new german member in this great forum and now I need your help I have got my new European WR450 05 a few weeks before and now I am trying to rejet it for better throttle response. My setting is as follows: No grey wire modification (do I have to...?) baffle removed AIS removed installed YZ throttlestop, Airbox is stock. PJ: stock 45 MJ: stock 165 Needle: JD red#4 Temperature: 60F - 70F Height: 1500 feet Now I have a terrible stutter when riding constantly at about 55mph. Response and acceleration is fine. Before I used this setting I tried the JD blue, 48 PJ, 168MJ and 170 MJ. But all of these settings did not work properly on my bike. I am wondering why my setting is so differen from yours What I would like to try now is to lower the needle to Clip #3, but I have fear then to be to lean The colour of the spark seems to be ok, so the MJ shoud be allright. But what about 1/4 to 3/4 throttle.... Lots of questions.... can anybody help? Thx