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  1. Todd D

    TM Opinions

    Yes I read the MXA test. They still rated the KTM the best 125. We had a 2016 fully modded EBR KTM 125. The power was good but the front forks would not work for my son. i had them revalved an resprung but the 4CS forks were junk. They were dangerous to ride. I was told my only option was cone valve forks and after I had 2 friends loose their trannys I sold the KTM. We bought a YZ 125 and sent the motor to Terry Varner. The bike had 38.5hip and the suspension worked great. My son loved the bike. Though he crashed over the holiday break in Florida and broke his jaw and knocked 4 teeth out. They saved 3 but he will need a bone graft and implant in the future. Anyway we have bad taste for KTM and I was going to move to a 250F but now that they moved the age limit up we may stay on 125's when it's time to ride again. The TM did receive good reviews but they mentioned the lack of low-end. I understand you must ride a 125 wide open but if you give too much away it makes the bike hard to ride. On the flip side MXA has rated some of the TM's without even riding them. KTM treats MXA very well so naturally they will always come out on top. My biggest fear with the TM is getting stuck with the bike because I will not be able to sell it.
  2. Todd D

    TM Opinions

    I wanted to get some feedback on the TM 125/144 MX bikes. My son had been racing a Varner modified YZ 125 but had a crash (jaw and teeth) that will keep him off the bike for a while. I sold the YZ but we may go back to a 125 when we return. I have heard a lot of good things about the TMs. We have a dealer willing to support us and help with the price. From what I have read the 125 power is mostly on top and that may make it hard for him to ride coming off the YZ with good bottom end. So I had considered the 144 with a broader powerband. My 2 concerns are reliability and resale of the bike. Opinions? Thanks
  3. Todd D

    2017 Reliability?

    There have been some local kids loosing the lower crank bearings on the 17/18 models. Apparently they switched to the same style KTM uses but for whatever reason its not getting enough oil. A couple of the top motor builders have experienced the same problem. I was considering a KXF for my son in 19 but it looks like we may go red or blue.
  4. Todd D

    CR 134 build lacks bottom end power?

    It flattens out on top requiring shifting. When you shift it falls on it's face. My sons YZ 125 is stronger everywhere.
  5. Todd D

    CR 134 build lacks bottom end power?

    No, no one was riding a 450. If you compare it to my sons 17 modded YZ 125 it's a dog. Under a load it will fall on it's face. Hopefully he will figure it out on the phone with the builder.
  6. I rode a friends fresh CR 134 national level build and the bike did not have any bottom end and would fall on its face when going from 2nd to 3rd gear. Needless to say something is not right. The jetting seems to be spot on so I'm 99% sure it's not the jetting. 420 main 48.5 pilot air screw 1.5 clip in middle Has anyone experienced issues with a big bore CR 134? Thanks!
  7. Todd D

    Yz125 to 144c bore kit?

    There have been several horror stories about bad motors coming from Eric Gorr lately. Check out vitalmx. I would chose someone reputable such as Terry Varner to build my big bore. Keep in mind if you just install a big-bore you will have vibration issues. I would go with a YZ 139 kit with port work to gain bottom and mid without loosing top-end. Good Luck!
  8. Todd D

    2017 KX 250F power loss after rebuild

    Depending on your riding habits they recommend a piston at 30hrs and crank at 60 but nothing past 80. I know people who exceed those numbers but to be safe I would stick to the recommended hours.
  9. Todd D

    2017 KX 250F power loss after rebuild

    Source? They are friends of mine. That is what I was thinking but you would need to check that comparison while the bike is apart. Gasket thickness would be something else to check.
  10. Over the last few years I have heard of riders complaining about a loss of power after the first rebuild (piston and rings) on KX 250F's. I thought they possible did something wrong or were mistaken but now I have a couple friends complaining about their 2017's being down on power after the 1st top-end. It makes no sense to me because they were using all OEM parts. You would think Kawasaki would have the same piston, rings, etc on the bike as what you are buying. Even the local Team Green dealer said he has seen this several times and the owners end up having the cylinders sleeved and matched to the piston and then they run fine. If that is the case it's a compression issue or the piston is spec'd different. Has anyone experienced this?
  11. Todd D

    James is retired

    You have to keep in mind crashes were a big part of the quitting. No one of the keyboard jockeys on vital (including myself) truly understand the sacrifices James or any pro athlete makes. Sure he has talent but he worked his butt off to get to that level. He has dominated the sport since he was a kid and I'm sure he just wanted a break. The problem is you loose some of the sharpness by sitting out a season.
  12. Todd D

    James is retired

    He was winning and there were only a few races left so I do not agree with that statement. Though I do agree when he showed up at A1 in 2016 he was out of shape. I don't understand what he was thinking. In the 90's that may have worked but the field is just too deep now.
  13. Todd D

    James is retired

    True but James could easily pick up a job as a commentator or use the compound as a training facility. I don''t think James will ever need to worry about money.
  14. Todd D

    James is retired

    7 or 8 years??? He was still winning in 2014 when he was suspended.
  15. Todd D


    So when did James or Malcolm ever play the race card???