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  1. sethjtalley

    Leaking vent hose?

    I put one of those short vent hose/caps on my YZ250, and it just constantly leaks (a lot too).... http://motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|40946|121115&id=71841 You can't really install it wrong, and I even took it back and got a new one, and it still leaks. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. On a YZ250, with a 19" rear wheel, is the 120/90-19 better than the 110/90-19 in that the added sidewall helps absorb impacts from rocks? Would that aspect outweigh any other negative ones? I think hardcore off roaders go with a 18" wheel, is this for the added sidewalls?
  3. sethjtalley

    Anyone removed the E-start on the WR450?

    Cisco - So what is an automotive freeze plug and where can I get one? I've got a '05 250F and assume all this is the same..... So if I was to lighten up my 250, the only thing I'd have to buy is the freeze plug and capacitor?
  4. sethjtalley

    Removing Electric Start?

    It might seem a little crazy, but I was wondering if I can completely take the electric start off my '05 WR250F. I'm more concered at its weight than its ease of starting. The only reason I ask this is that its close to being paid off and I bought it brand new. I was thinking of selling it and getting a YZ250, but then the thought of removing the e start occured to me. If I did take it off (including battery, rear fender, and headlight), wouldn't it be the same weight as a YZ? Any suggestions / info / ideas?
  5. Forgot to mention I moved the clip to the fourth position (from the stock 5th). Another questions, if I put in a YZ exhuast cam: Does it make that big of an improvement? Will I have to rejet?
  6. Tell me if my thinking is correct. The jets are based on throttle position only, not RPM's. So if I had too big of a main jet, when I opened the throttle all the way, shouldn't it bog down right then when I opened it, since therefore it switches over to the main jet? Instead it pulls to a certain RPM, then starts to bog.
  7. Oh, also if I let off the throttle, it back fires as it slows down. Is this just normal engine braking?
  8. Any ideas about the bogging at 3/4 to WOT? I meant it had a 168 main jet stock.
  9. I've got an '05 WR250F with the following: Full FMF Ti-4 exhaust Custom air box grilles (like the ones on Burned's DRZ) Main jet - 182 (162 stock) Pilot jet - 40 (stock) Fuel screw - 3 1/4 - 3 1/2 (somewhere around there) Grey wire cut YZ throttle stop I ride around 2300 ft in Arkansas. I just put on the FMF system, rejetted it with a 178 main jet since that's what FMF recommended. The pipe and jetting did help considerably with the power and the bog off idle, but when I opened up the throttle slowly, at about 3/4 or slightly above, the engine would start bogging down (pretty seriously). So I took my bike in to the Yamaha shop and they suggested a 180 or 182 main since it didn't really seem too rich at high RPM's, but it didn't seem to lean. So I went with the 182 and a Zip Ty fuel screw, and after a little tuning, the "low" bog (off idle) is better, but the "high" bog is still persistent. Is this just a rev limiter four strokes have? I would think it should pull all the way to WOT, and not just to 3/4. Also, I've read that installing a #40 leak jet cures the low bog, is this a reliable solution? I've read the HoleShot accelerator cover works great, but a $15 jet as opposed to a $90 cover is more appealing to me. Finally a question for Burned. I saw your grilles on the side of your DRZ airbox and I have similar on my bike. Did you put some sort of filter on the backside of this? If so, how did you do it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.