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  1. abezzant

    Beef with my ARC back country jacket

    I have an ARC jacket and it works great because the sleeves can come off and you can open up the vent in the back. I love it.
  2. abezzant

    Pro Taper Bars

    To make a quick comment on what Beerad is trying to say. "Scientific" tests can be performed in a way to come up with whatever end result you want (to a point of course). The real test is one that mirrors what you really experience while riding. I've ridden with a lot of different bars over the years and can tell you that the 7/8" Renthals don't feel like they flex as much as the Pro-Tapers. In fact, my brother and I bought the exact same bike and I have Pro-Tapers and he has Renthals. When riding back to back you can tell that the Pro-Tapers take a lot of the harshness out of the ride. I swear by the Easton Pro-Tapers and it's a shame their being discontinued. Hopefully the new EVO bar is just as good.
  3. abezzant

    Who do you guys think makes the best handguards?

    I have been running Tusk D-Flex with extremely good luck. I am running them on my big bars which utilize a solid mounting clamp instead of a two piece system like the 7/8". I have put them to the test many times and they haven't broken yet. A huge thumbs up for TUSK.
  4. abezzant

    Clutch springs / plates

    I have a tusk clutch kit in my bike and I am completely happy with it. The Tusk clutch is every bit as good as EBC's. You can't go wrong for the money.
  5. abezzant

    CRF150F Hard to Start

    My wife has a 03 CRF150 and I have the same problem. I have to start it for her when it's cold, but once it's warm it fires up great. Despite all of this I still think it's the best bike out there for a wife.
  6. abezzant

    Best preprinted numbers/backgrounds?

    I have Attack Graphics on my bike and they have been great! I've ran other stuff and I don't see a difference. The YZ250F's can be a pain to install, but you'll run into the same problem with any brand you try. You just have to be patient with them.
  7. abezzant

    ? about #'s for my bike.

    Attack graphics is the way to go. I have some on my bike and they have lasted forever. For $30 you can't go wrong.