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    Ladies, what are you riding?

    I'm in central NH, just north of Concord. I love the 650 ... like DH says, I'm turning into a power pig. It's got a great clutch for take off, and no matter what gear I'm in it'll respond when I wick the throttle. I have to be reeeallly careful in 1st gear not to wick too hard - it may wheelie on me (which I haven't yet done and don't intend to). It's given me a pretty good snap a couple of times already.
  2. dressmaker

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    Just joined this yesterday. Got my license last year and rode a Suzuki DR200. We ride both street and dirt roads ... most of the back roads around us eventually turn to dirt, so it's a great combination. Bought a Suzuki DR650 at the beginning of this season, took the front sprocket from a 15 to a 14, had the bike lowered by the dealer and got a gel seat for it. NOW I can touch ground (I'm only 5'1", with short legs to boot). LOVE it. Does great on the street and even better on the dirt. Very solid on dirt roads, where the 200 felt "squirrelly". Most of you sound like you ride some serious trails. Only trails around here are ones we have to truck the bikes to, so we stick to the roads - miles and miles of dirt roads.