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  1. looking to find out if anyone has done this, 650cc two stroke polaris snomobile motor with belt drive bolt into polaris 4x4 quad with belt driven tranny
  2. dirtrider15

    Must see pic of RC and Reed

    yup i dont like ricky either, he threw a great deal with honda that he was doin good on, and now hes with suzuki and hes lost my vote, chad reed is a way better rider, in supercross in 05 back here in seattle bubba pushed reed off the track in the first corner and chad came from dead last to 4th, now thats impressive, ricky rides over his head, and in my opinion, blows blue balls
  3. dirtrider15

    pit bike riding!!!!

    my buddys got a track in his back yard for 50's, downside, bascially all the jumps are freestyle jumps, so they're big
  4. dirtrider15

    2005 Cylinder & Head on 02 model ???

    just a quick side note, does an 04 wiseco hi-comp 13.5 fit in an 02?
  5. dirtrider15

    selling/giving 99 xr250r parts

    lookin for plastics for XR400, how much?
  6. dirtrider15

    missing a shift

    hey i dont know if this will help but when i rode my xr200 there is a star gear mechanism used in the shifting process, i could not shift into 3rd from 2nd, but could shift from 3rd to 2nd. this gear can get wear over time and may need to e replaced, i replaced it and it worked like new.