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  1. bdkw1

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    I thought 15X was the solo rider that passed away in the saddle.
  2. It's not the shock, it's the linkage. Well, maybe 25% shock and 75% linkage.
  3. bdkw1

    what kind of gas do you use???

    I have run many gallons of VP through mine. It has also had a little av-gas and a lot of Pemex. The only time I was able to tell a significant difference was with the Pemex out of a well aged plastic milk jug in the middle of nowhere Baja. Power was down. The rest didn't really make a noticeable difference.
  4. bdkw1

    Major gear box issues!

    Wow, Mine broke on the other side of the bearing. Case wasn't damaged, clurtch basket was a little beat up though..... Sadly, theres 3 left side cases on feebay right now.........
  5. bdkw1

    Sound Control

    Probably the closest is going to be the Staintune.
  6. bdkw1

    Major gear box issues!

    Replace the bearing on the output shaft that is next to the idler gear. It's had metal and junk through it which really cuts down on it's life expectancy. When I replaced mine I pulled out the press in plug at the end and pressed in a gauge pin. You will need to grind a flat on the pin about half way down to keep oil flowing to the bearing with this mod..........
  7. It's not just the 300 that got the shaft for years..... Look up the "Doohickey" for the KLR 650's. It only took them 15 years to fix that.......... BTW, I still bump start mine as often as possible.........
  8. Revalving the front makes a world of difference. These forks suck pretty badly from the factory. The rear shock geometry really sucks too, but the replacement linkages are no longer produced and scares.
  9. Anyone interested in a bolt on Edelbrock?
  10. No, the tensioners are on the side of the cylinder. The ratcheting one that is held on with 2 bolts is the one I put the spacer in. The spacer was only about 1/4" if I remember correctly.......
  11. Correct! If you pull off the clutch cover you can stick you finger back there and see if it wiggles side to side. Since the gear teeth are off center of the bushing it eventually wears to the point where it will let the gear contact the rivets on the clutch basket. When this happens your in for trouble. I do My own bushings in a stock gear. They last 1-2 years depending on how much I ride. I'm going on 8 years with the same stock gear......... This is with the +2MM high compression piston and the ACR hasn't been done........ Another thing that really helps is shimming them to take the end play out. And the ACR mod.......... One of these days LOL......
  12. bdkw1

    klx 300 shift star

    If I remember correctly from when I did mine 10 years ago....... They had a little piece of aluminum tube that slipped over the end of the spring increasing the tension slightly. Nothing high tech about it......... As for the star, The one I got looked like it was done by hand on a belt sander. I was highly un-impressed. Seemed to work well though. There was a picture of one floating around somewhere. If you have a belt sander and have a little talent you could do it yourself.
  13. bdkw1

    Kern Sheriff On Plated Bikes

    A while back I was riding My plated KLX300 through town. I came up to a intersection where the local sheriff was running a speed trap. They were all bike cops..... As they motioned Me to pull over I thought I was boned due to the lack of little things like speedo, turn signals and mirrors. Turned out they just wanted to look at the bike. After a nice conversation about tires and such I was on My way..........
  14. bdkw1

    16t sprocket?

    No, it will not fit, go down to a 43 in the rear.......
  15. I put a small spacer under the spring in Mine to increase tension on the chain. End of problem.......