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  1. My son races a KX125 as well as a KLX 125 (playbike class). I wold like to switch out the front forks(triple tree etc.) and the rear shock on the KLX125. Does anyone know what model will interchange. (YZ85, KX125, etc.) A motocross dad I met at the track last weekend said he swapped out the forks on hid DRZ 125 with YZ85 forks (not too major) as well as replacing the rear shocks with a CR shock.(some mod's needed) He aslo said he documented the entire process on Thumper Talks forum, I have not been able to find it yet. I will probably see him at the track this weekend and will provide the thred info he he gives me on this thread. Thanks, Indiana Rider
  2. IndianaRider

    Filling forks.

    What is used to hold the inner cartridge? Thanks
  3. IndianaRider

    Lowest price for a fork seal driver

    also interested in any tips on fabricating a Cartridge Holder that is also needed during the seal replacement. Yes we actually fabricated one of these "at the track" Thanks again!
  4. IndianaRider

    Lowest price for a fork seal driver

    Thank You "davbrucas" for trying to calm these guys down. I just helped a fellow motocross dad put fork seals in his daughters bike, (of all places, at the track on race day) I am very interested in a little more info on the PVC method. Do you split down both sides? It would not have much wieght to slam the seals in? Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone know where to get Stronger springs for the forks on an 04 KLX125? Sorry if this is a repeat question. Hawk
  6. I need to know where to purchase a Headlight Kit for a KLX125 ("03" or "04") and is Ricky Stator a good place to have the Stator rewound.
  7. IndianaRider

    lights for a DRZ/KLX125L?

    Did you ever get an answer on the Light, I need to install one as well.
  8. IndianaRider

    Need info on Stiffening shocks on "04" KLX125

    Sorry, I was actually referring to the Front Forks. Hawk
  9. IndianaRider

    Should I re-jet KLX125

    I have inststalled Pro Circuit T4 on a 2004 KLX125 and my son was told he should re-jet it to get a little more power. Is this true or should we base this decision on the appearance of the Spark Plug? Only re-jetting I ever did was on a KZ1000, simply opened them up a few thousandths.
  10. Need info on Stiffening shocks on "04" KLX125
  11. Does anyone know where to get an aftermarket Headlight Kit for a 2004 KLX125? Is "Ricky Stator" a good place to send the Stator to have it rewound? My son is missing out on Night Rides with the guys.