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  1. Use it and like it. Couple buddies have them too.
  2. dabird

    the Gut Buster 24.

    Any updates?
  3. what lahms said. the front wheels pushing against each other help keep the bikes in place. bars should not touch.
  4. Have done it with full size ram hemi with no issues. Had 2 bikes in bed. Not sure how a frontier would do though.
  5. One bike on ranger bed crossways and 1 bike on hitch carrier on front of truck. Might exceed your max length limit though.
  6. Talimena national forest. Huge area with a lot of trails...anything from mild to super gnarly. A lot of rocks.
  7. I will 2nd the Lectron carb suggestion for mileage. We rode 70 miles in the hills of eastern OK/west AK one day. We all have 300's. 2 of my buddies have Lectrons and I have stock carb. My bike was literally on fumes at the end of the ride (would not start the next morning until we put more gas in it) and my buddies with the Lectrons had at least 1/2 gallon left, if not more. They are reported to have other benefits in terms of tunability and lack of having to 'fiddle' with them. My buddies love theirs.
  8. bump.....can't find it. Please help us out, LSHD!
  9. where do they sell those handles? Northern? thanks
  10. Just a quick update. i've bought everything now (including a front mount hitch) and making a few mods before I bolt it up. So far the most noticeable and somewhat unexpected thing is how heavy this rig is. Will definitely be a work out to move from the toolbox in the bed to the hook up spot on the hitch. One thing I have not figured out yet is how best to run the power lines to the rear hitch area. I'm thinking about buying some extra long jumper cables and maybe cutting the clamps off of one end and attaching some sort of quick connect plugs. Any TT'ers out there that have done this already? I'm a complete amateur when it comes to any type of vehicle wiring. thanks
  11. thanks all. i'll probably pull the trigger on this set up some time after Christmas.
  12. Hi folks, I have a 04 dodge 4x4 pretty stock with mild A/T tires and I think a front leveling kit (I bought it used and I've noticed it sits a bit higher than most similar trucks). Any way, I got stuck pulling my sisters station wagon out of the side yard. I'm not a big off roader but this was a huge pain and a little embarrasing. I noticed I could get a 12k# winch and a slide in mount from HF all for under $500. They also have a 8k# hand winch for less than $50. Any TT's out there have any experience with these HF items? Please share. I know HF is probably not the best choice for something that will get a lot of use but I'd be using this maybe a few times a year and it would be stored out of the weather in my bed box. The online reviews (HF's website) are generally good. Also, how spendy are front mount hitches and do I have to butcher my front/stock bumper/grill area to mount one to my dodge? Thanks for reading and any replys.
  13. dabird

    Alright...Baja 500 help

    Not to discourage you but...on my bucket list too...but only in something with 4 wheels and a roll age. Preferably 4wd.
  14. dabird

    Tennis Elbow?

    update (not that I'm expecting anyone to care!)...going to chiro/therapist to get a diagnosis next week and maybe some treatment. no improvement (I have not tried all of the suggested remedies but it is not getting better on its own at all - maybe because I keep using my arm and unknowingly reinjuring it but I'm not sure. thanks again for all the suggestions - I'm taking some of them to the doctor with me for input.