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  1. SH_CRF450X

    What you think of this Yamaha?

    #1, but different hubs (red) would help even more.
  2. SH_CRF450X

    Bike rentals in Phoenix?

  3. SH_CRF450X

    upper sycamore..

    Hey Guys, What specific "permit" do we need to ride these areas? Is this different than the State Land Recreational Use Permit we need for OHVs like Granite Mtn or Rolls? If so where do we get these from? Game and Fish, Forrest Service, ??
  4. SH_CRF450X

    Gel Seats by Durelle Racing

    Don't know the guy so I cannot speak to that. What I can add is that I got the same exact story a year ago when I ordered mine. "...the supplier shipped the wrong stuff.." Took a few weeks longer than promised but I finally did get my seat (cover) and installed it. Hearing this again/still begs the question...why don't they have this figured out by now? Is it time to check into a new supplier???
  5. SH_CRF450X

    450X clogged jets??

    Gang, Any help/suggestions for keeping the pilot jet clean? After about 15 hours of run time it was getting almost impossible to keep started. Dealer did the first service..plus...airbox, DrD race pipe, and re-jet. Ran Awesome!! ...for about 3 hours. Then it started running rough again. To the point it would not idle at all. Choke started fine, would not idle. Took it back to the dealer that did the first service. The cleaned out the pilot jet and adjusted the fuel screw. Runs ok again. My thoughts: Bad gas, especially since I do not ride everyweekend. I have run gas out of my 5 gal that has been several weeks old. So here is what I am going to do: 1) Use Stabil in my fuel 2) Turn petcock off and run dry at the end of every ride With all the wisdom out there what other ideas/experiences can you help with with? I do not want to be taking the carb apart and cleaning out the jet every 3 hours of ride time.
  6. SH_CRF450X

    One hell of a bike crf 450X

    Not that this is a huge help but... I know exaclty the one you are talking about. I also got my screen saver from there. I had it saved as a FAVORITE. UNFORTUNATELY, when I went back to the link I got the message it did not exist anymore. Here is the link I had anyway, not that it will do you any good. http://www.crf450x.com.au/pages/Default.aspx?PageID=34&id=2 Sorry I am not more help.
  7. SH_CRF450X

    Phoenix SX

    Yes. More wind than they expected. He realized he was going to come up short so he broke off early and landed just outside the stadium. The one that did make it in BARELY missed the roof on his way in.
  8. SH_CRF450X

    Pima/Dynamite- Directions?

    Hey guys, Your directions say ..."Scottsdale rd. north to Dynamite rd"... It is actually PIMA road north to Dynamite and on the North East corner of Pima/Dynamite. Go to http://www.azohv.org/granite_mtn.htm for more info and go to the 'places to ride' link. It is all part of the Granite Mountain OHV project. Very good detailed maps are available out there. On the north end it connects to the Cave Creek/Bartlett road area which opens up into a bazillion more single tracks. Good stuff. Give it a try.
  9. SH_CRF450X

    450x jetting q's

    Actually, I love the way it runs now. The biggest differences are: 1) The decel popping is gone! 2) Each gear is usable at a lower RPM. 3) The throttle response is smoother and more controlable. Not sure how much is due to the jetting/needle and how much is attributed to the airbox mode and exhaust. Make sense to you?
  10. SH_CRF450X

    450x jetting q's

    Uh, good question. The dealer did the work and supposed to use Honda parts. All the parts list states is: 19-155 Keihin PJ/PWK SLOW - 48 SD019150 Keihin Main Jet 357-162 010-4-KMJS80 Keihin JET Does that help?
  11. SH_CRF450X

    450x jetting q's

    Mr Sisneros, I have the 450X in AZ at ~1500ft average elevation. I have: 1) Airbox cut to R specs 2) Dr D Race exhaust system with spark arr. 3) Slow jet - 48 4) Main jet - 162 Sound reasonable and ideal to you?
  12. SH_CRF450X

    Factory Effex rocks!

    OK, I am interested to hear. What did it do for the seat height? Did it come as a complete seat or just as a "recover" for the existing seat pan? I had given up waiting for a Corbin for the X so I orderd the Durelle Gel seat. I mainly wanted the lower height. I cannot say it is any more comfy than the stocker and the material does not provide the grip of the stock cover. It came as the padding and material so I had upholster the existing seat pan. Should'a waited a few months more.
  13. SH_CRF450X

    A ride to the lake

    Hey Dustee, Nice looking ride. Where did you start?
  14. SH_CRF450X

    Factory Effex rocks!

    MATUCHI, I see you have the new Corbin seat...what do you think of it so far?
  15. SH_CRF450X

    color gear

    ThorMX homepage shows Nate Adams in a back flip wearing the Orange/Blue Core gear on Yamaha. It also will show Chad Reed in the new Yellow. Both sets of gear look really nice (with any bike!).