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  1. Bro, If I were you, I'd just buy the SM and commute on it. You'll know after a month if thats your thing or not. My buddy rides his (he bought one after riding mine) on a 90 mile commute 2-3 times a week...and he pretty much runs it WFO the whole time. He's got great riding gear and absolutely loves it. I on the other hand don't like spending more than about 30 minutes in the DRZ saddle at a time....but with the right roads (or lack thereof) you can pack a lot of fun into that half hour. I am also one of those guys that needs a crotch rocket too. When I see a long straightaway, I love being able to hit fast forward...and dancing a crotch rocket around at 120 on some fast sweepers is its own kind of fun, and not for everyone. If only the DRZ had 70hp, a 6th gear, a pop up fairing and a push button inflatable seat and would cruise at 120mph all day... Unfortunatley, to be good at one thing usually means a deficit in another area. The DRZ is best when it is used within its intended parameters.
  2. That dude is on it like blue bonnet....
  3. TAG gold bars...7/8" Shameless bling upgrade, even though they are non-fatties.
  4. I've got a Diablo 160 on mine. Fits OK, but it is definitely "rounder" than the 140/150s I've had on there. Getting all the way over on the edge is difficult, but I can't really say it handles any worse than the Original 208, or the Shinko Stealth I've tried either. (They actually worked pretty good, and looked cool too) I don't go to tracks, I'm strictly a street rider, so I'm willing to try just about anything. You will have to remove the chain guide big deal. The only reason I went with the Diablos is that I got the set for $100. yea, a 160 will fit, but it's a compromise. It's up to you whether you want max looks or max handling.
  5. I'll use a small LED to light up the plate... Although legality isn't a big concern here in NC.
  6. I'll give him a shout, thanks fellas.
  7. Anybody know where I can get one in the US? Like this...
  8. Rogue philanthropist...
  9. Hey, I just mounted a 200 lb anvil to my front fender, you know, to eliminate wheelies... I swapped my stock carb for a 50cc pocketbike carb, so I can only go 15 mph... and I swapped out my muffler cap for a big fluffy pillow... I call it the Kriina mod.
  10. I remember you too, because that was my thread RobbieO linked. Are you the fun police? Obeyer of all traffic laws? Judge and jury of Thumpertalk? Our moral compass? What is your deal? Why do you have to scold everyone who has violated some regulation? You must be a real hoot to ride with...
  11. Go out and practice stoppies until you go over the bars and the bike endos, that will smash all of your instrumentation and make them permanently dim. Thats how I did it, and it didn't cost a dime.
  12. Sore.... The bruises are just now starting to turn blue. I just looked at those pics of the SM wreck mentioned previously... Horrible. Saw it over on Supermotojunkie. Good reminder to be careful. The guy gets ripped in half by a telephone pole. Not for the squeamish.
  13. We can take it...might be a good learning experience. It's only a link.
  14. Ride it like you stole it, change the oil like you want to keep it forever.
  15. I've been thinking of taking the lock mechanism out altogether, then drilling some type of vent hole so I can put one of those cool vent thingys in there... I don't need to lock my cap. Plus, it would shed a few grams from the weight of the bike...