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  1. ControlFreak

    Deals Gaps area riding?

    Man, that's harsh! I had heard about the possible $500 fines, but I figured that would be for something excessive. I thought I'd be okay with 10 over and a warning. Yikes! P.S. Sorry about the small thread hijack.
  2. ControlFreak

    Throttle lock?

    Yeah, I've seen the throttlemeister, vista cruise, NEP, all the standards. I was just wondering if anyone had actually tried one of these on the DR650. I picked up a Vista Cruise from a friend, but it looks like it would need some substantial modification to work. Some guys have done some interesting things with big O rings as friction locks. Hmmm....
  3. ControlFreak

    Throttle lock?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a throttle lock for my DR650. That's the only thing stopping me from going on the big multi day trips. I've used my Throttle Rocker without success. Advice needed.