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  1. In the future we'll be able to listen to pop tunes and advertisements over the P.A. during heat races. Hmmmm, maybe we should think about this a little more.
  2. Man, don't you hate it when that happens?
  3. I'd bet the bike will drop drastically in price in the next few months. Watch for the dealer liquidation sales.
  4. Great bike, and thats sure beautiful white sand there where you live.
  5. I live on the top of a hill.
  6. If you find a way to get the Pig engine into a CRF frame, please post a pic.
  7. A running double cartwheel with a half twist.
  8. Apply a little compressed air to the area around the fillah cap befo opening it.
  9. The saddest vid on You Tube.... We remember and still love ya Magoo!
  10. Ya know sometimes the cheapest place to lose weight is around the riders gut. Lets not forget about that.
  11. I got it wrong, its when pitbikes are outlawed...
  12. When pitbikes are criminalized, only criminals will have pitbikes.
  13. Hey, it's idiocracy at it's finest. How do you like it?
  14. 125