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  1. Yeah, you'll have fun with da bike. I love mine.
  2. I have a 2006 CRFx and just got through with my first check up. Valves are fine. Great bike.
  3. I just got the 250x a couple of months ago. I like the way the 250x handles. If you're doing a lot of trail riding then it'll be a good bike to get because it's light. Now, if you want something with more power, then get the 450x. As for me, I'm going to wait another season or two before I look into the 450x since I'm a year into riding dirtbikes. -Denmark
  4. If bought the gel seat and it works great. If you want a tight fit, I suggest that you take it to an upholsterer and have it done. It was only $20 to get mine done. I even used the original cover that came on my bike. I'm also short (5'6") and after adjusting my sag I can tip-toe on my bike. It doesn't bother me, I'll re-do my suspension at some point for a customized ride. =-)
  5. Congrats on the bike. I love my 250x!!! I just got back from riding Superstition. I'll mod it when I log in more riding experience. -Denmark
  6. Well, Ever since I got my 250x (2 weeks ago), I finally got a chance to ride it today. The reason I couldn't ride it sooner is because I wanted to intall my Duerelle gel seat. I was a little dissapointed in the seat cover so I took my original Honda seat cover and had an upholsterer install it for 30 bucks. It definetely helped me out and a little sag adjustment since I have short legs (29" inseam). I was able to ride it for an hour to break in the ride. Man, it's so fun to ride. I also thinking about sliding the forks bike to the original setting. I'm a newbie to dirtbiking so I need to ride more to get better. Anyways, in the next couple of months I might take it to Precision Concepts (in El Cajon, CA) to dial-in the suspension. I'm also planning to ride next weekend.
  7. I'm about to adjust my sag on my CRF 250x and I had my bike up on the stand. To loosen the lock on the rear spring, do I go counterclock wise to loosen the lock? I have a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. I was going to do it, but I was afraid to dent up the grooves on the lock. Any advice? I just want to lower the seat a little. Denmark (Newbie)
  8. Guys, thanks for the response. I ended up getting a 250x. If I do get bored of it, then I'll go through the mods and possibly consider the 450x at future date. I do however have a no-title XR400 that I trying to register, but it's a pain-in-the-ass. Any suggestion as to get it registered? Denmark
  9. Hey, I need some advice. I'm planning to ride this fall/winter and wanted to know if what should I buy. I went though an off-road course of riding a dirt bike so I can keep my girlfriend happy and I rode the CRF 230. After going around some basics the bike was pretty fun ride, but I felt pretty bored with it after spending a half-day taking the lessons. The course was a blast and I learned a ton. I used to riding 4-wheelers and now want to go to two. I did the research on both bikes and cannot decide which I should drop my money on. I'm 5'7" @ 200 lbs. My inseam is around 29-30 inches. I know I can lower the bike @ precision concepts and I'm just trying to decide if I should just get the 250 and ride it before I move up to the 450x. I also talked to some salesmen and they said if I wanted to throw around the bike then the 250x would be a good choice. I plan on riding open areas and I don't know about the technical stuff as of yet. Any suggestions. I'm all ears. -Denmark
  10. Thanks guys, I'll give it a shot. I'm going to work every angle and I've learned my lesson.
  11. Well, I found out some more about the bike. I talked to the previous owner that had the bike before the the dirtbike was sold to me. He was running into the same thing. Indeed the bike was repoed in North Carolina which is a no title state. Now, if I traced it through there, why can't I get a title when the state doesn't require a title on a dirtbike in North Carolina. I'm going to try this angle when I write to the CA, DMV.
  12. Also I purchased the bike in Pennsylvania. The kid bought it off the guy that bought the bike through the Honda's auction. I'm trying to get the kid to get the original paperwork through the guy.
  13. Honda Finance was on the title at one time. The bike was repossesed in North Carolina. I also have a letter stating this: To whom it may concern: Due to privacy act restrictions, we are unable to provide a lien holder contract. There is no title or MSO to support the chain of ownership. No fraud it intended. Sincerely, Wanda Wheeler Title Department It was notarized in San Diego which is where I live.
  14. Hey all, I bought an 2003 XR400 on eBay a month ago. When I bought the bike, it had no title. The guy said he had all of the paperwork so I can get the title done. It turns out that he only had copies of it and I'm having a hell of a time trying to get my green sticker in California. The title is indeed none, but can I get the title cleared through Honda Finance? Since the bike was sold to me by this @$$hole (3rd party) person, should I cut my losses and sell it? Or do I try going through other channel (i.e. Titling service) to get the proper paperwork done? Please help.
  15. Hey, thanks for the link. I like it better than my Clymer manual. I'm a newbie and this forum has help me a lot. I'll be riding tomorrow to get used to my 2003 XR400 that I bought off of eBay.