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  1. Thirteen

    The time has come to sell VOR 450MX

    Due to this bloody crisis, i need to sell all my toys, and one of them is my beloved 450mx. hate to let her go, but have no choice. it is a 2004 450MX with Vor club graphics. there are two arty photos of the bike next to the sea in spain where i live on the vort club calendar 2008. Bike is perfect, and i mean perfect, totally standard with new ignition, tyres and recent fluid changes. starts first time every time and has never been used for competition. Any offers to me at energiass@hotmail.co.uk Please remember i am in SPAIN, and someone please buy and love her like i do!!!!
  2. Thirteen

    450 VOR idles but wont rev.

    i hadthe same symptoms. changed theplug cap and the plug lead. all was fixed. If not,the coil
  3. Thirteen

    If you want to swap engines in a VOR..

    I hear the designers are now at Benelli?
  4. Thirteen

    Vor problems

    replace the plug lead and cap immediately. A tiny hole will allow the spark to escape under load, and stopped mine running for months, i changed everything our like you only to find it was a $20 repair!
  5. Thirteen

    VOR hot starting ... any tips??

    I had exactly the same experience a year ago. changed lead cap and plug. jopb done. (after i'd rebuilt the carb about 10 times!!!) When the lead gets warm, if there is a small crack/hole in it, it is easier for the spark to earth, and not get to the plug.
  6. Thirteen

    Lets see those EXOTICS!!

    got to be either Spain (my country), portugal or italy. my monies on Southern Spain, Andalucia.
  7. Thirteen

    vor back fire problems

    either a leak in the exhaust system, or the card need setting up properly.
  8. Thirteen

    Lets see those EXOTICS!!

    VOR 450 MX, now has Vor club graphics as well.
  9. Thirteen

    The VOR crossover parts thread!

    This is the cross over parts thread, a depository for interchangeable parts for VOR motorcycles. Lets keep it clean. If you are searching for info about how to fix something, don't hijack another thread, START YOUR OWN THREAD.
  10. Thirteen

    Any SEM experts ?

    The MX one has 3 wires, where as the others with wiring coil had 5. The first one i received when i had my problems was the 5 wire one, and it fitted and worked fine. should be ok
  11. Thirteen

    Any SEM experts ?

    yep, interchangeable parts no problem. A husaberg unit will fit, just ring any knowledgeable husaberg dealer and describe the parts. It will drop straight on. good luck! VOR 450 MX ignition (stator/flywheel) and coil unit is the same as a Husaberg 1999-2000 FC series bike. Apparently the FC bikes engine size doesn´t matter. ****, just noticed we both have 110 posts to our name! Spooky.
  12. Thirteen

    You know youre an exotic owner when.....

    The best thing about being an exotic owner, is fabricating your own parts for the beast, and improving certain aspects of them! no exotic owners garage should be without a lathe, milling machine, bench grinder, and a calender of topless women to look at when bike won't run!
  13. Thirteen

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    What he said. Corporate would like this swept under the carpet quickly, before any more pictures get out. contact them ASAP.
  14. Thirteen

    VOR gone from cyberspace

    Welcome back XXmiles, not seen you for ages on here!
  15. Thirteen

    vor 503

    A pleasure Zulu, glad to be of assistance. Now kick her ass properly!