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  1. Loose Goose

    Ride Gear

    Dont use them. I have tried to order some boots through them, and I am still trying to cancel the order, this was months ago. They are shonky as hell. I hope I dont get burnt through the credit card. Why didnt I research them????!!!!! never again. Do your homework people.
  2. Loose Goose

    REED will finish 6th or better no problem!

    Why is he such a turd???? Is it because he beats Americans????
  3. Loose Goose

    Helmet cam video

    Saw this on a Dirtbike world site (Australian). Its a track off Mt Wallum Atherton tableland Cairns Australia. Enjoy
  4. Loose Goose

    xr 400

    its a tecnique. I can start mine first or garanteed second kick everytime. Do exactly as SBABS says.
  5. Loose Goose

    You from Australia?

    Cairns Australia, see ya.
  6. Loose Goose

    Tank crack repair

    I have developed a couple of small cracks in my XR400R(04) plastic tank just above where your knee would touch the tank when seated. The cracks are not on the welds. The tank does not leak yet, and the cracks seem to grow over time. I dont remember dropping the bike and damaging the tank. Is this a regular problem, I was told that Yamaha had some problems with their tanks and as such replaced them at no charge. Has anyone had similar problems? Also will a professional plastic weld job fix the cracks and will it last? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In anticipation!!!