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  1. Tau

    Oil injection first startup?

    So we rode two of the bikes the weekend the Racing with premix and the RR with oil injection. The bikes are very solid and did well in technical slow riding for my friend with very little experience.
  2. Tau

    Oil injection first startup?

    Thanks gents. I have placed it on Gumtree ( South Africa version of craigslist). If it doesn’t sell I keep her for technical rides. However my two mates will keep theirs and I will have to help / teach them upkeeo as they don’t race or come from plastic bike background.
  3. Tau

    Oil injection first startup?

    Thank you!! Yes I am aware that the Racing is pre mix, I have already ridden it with 40:1 mix down the road. Ok will check tubes and run first tanks 100:1 for safety. We bought the bikes in a liquidation auction so no manuals, spares kit, Roadworthy parts or batteries. I will probably sell my one, but my mates will keep theirs.
  4. Tau

    Oil injection first startup?

    The Racing is very pretty
  5. Hi gents We bought 2 x 250 RR and one 250 RR Racing on auction. They haven’t been PDI ed. I have checked all fluids and bolts. Do I need to bleed the 2 stroke oil system?
  6. Tau

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Thank you Now do I sell my baby?? I don’t have enough time to race. And having such an expensive bike just standing hurts. Also I race Offroad that are open like Hare scramles in USA, but on my farm and for fun I ride technical routes.
  7. Tau

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I bought one on auction!!! So I know nothing about Beta, and I am not a 2 stroke guy. I spotted a liquidation auction advert and sent the info to a mate that loves auction. I told him if they go for less than R40 000 ($2800), I would also take one,.... he bought 3!!! 2 x brand new 250RR for $2800 each and a demo for $2008 with 2 hrs on [emoji15]. Getting them tomorrow and filling fluids!!
  8. Tau

    18 yz450f oil changes

    I always used Motul 5100 and trust it very much. On my 2018 YZ 450 I swapped to Motul 7100 10W50 100% synthetic. After 2hrs of run in I changed the standard oil to Motul and then after another 3 hrs I changed the Motul 7100 before a race. I was pleasantly surprised at how red and clean the oil was still. Yes it is expensive, but I will take the cost if it keeps my motor ticking over better. This is my 6th Yamaha 450 since 2006 and I have a strong believe in Motul for these motors and clutch life. Also as I am not nearly as fast as I used to be or fit I focus on not using the clutch too much and heating up the oil.
  9. Pretty much like me. I have come from a PW - a YZ and then for some reason had Kawasaki's in my teens and then as a student a KTM. If I told you how many breakdowns I had you will think I lie. Then I went back to Yamaha and have only had joy. Jip I have a BMW HP2 and a Honda Africa Twin 1000 which are both great bikes. But when 2018 came and Honda gave me a sweet deal on a 2017 CRF 450 RX the blue rimmed YZ 450 stole my heart. I have a 1982 TT600 it was already way ahead of the competition back then and since Yamaha have always been innovators.
  10. I had a 2006 YZ450 2010 WR 2011WR 2011 YZ 2013 WR I had my best races on the 2006 and raced it for 4 years, changed gearing to WR, redid the motor a couple of times and the trophys in my bar are from that bike. So yes I absolutely loved the 2006-2009 Yz’s . I hated the 2011 YZ so much I only rode WRs after that bike. Only used it for 1 race. With work I didn’t have time to ride the last two years. And realised I am nowhere ready to be at 450 race pace soon, so also thought of getting a good 2006-2009 YZ, but the I got a glimpse of the 2018 and the blue rims. I pulled the trigger and my local Yamaha Dealer gave me an amazing deal as if I was stil a racer doing well. I live looking at the bike and riding it. I am certainly not as fast as back in 2009 on my 06 YZ, but I am older and I work damn hard so I do not feel like having to spanner a bike everytime I want to go for a ride. Some kids are gonna laught at this balding 34 yr old at the track if they see me in 2010 kit on a new bike, but man I feel like I did at 10 when I got my first YZ80[emoji23]
  11. Handgaurds on and first ride done. Yum yum
  12. I have been a longtime Cycra fan, my first EE handgaurds as Cycras weren’t available locally.
  13. Is 34 too early for a midlife crisis. Sold my 2014 WR450 f as I do not have time to ride let alone race...... then I layed my eyes on the blue rims. I failed at keeping my hands of a Yamaha 450. Longest I have ever been without a Yamaha 450 since 2006. Enduro engineering handgaurds going on today and waiting for my Hyde bashate. Fir now I need to get fit again.
  14. Hi I had the same thought yesterday looking at the coil mounted to aluminum brace instead of the frame. I have cleaned the coil and inserted Wurth RTW silicone into the port of the cable. Also then heat shrink the port closed. Then taped it and then put another casing over the cable. I will also mount a new cable from the coil mounting to the engine to ensure a proper grounding point. I can now pretty certainly exclude water from the coil so will check her tonight on my track. Thx for the help.
  15. Hi My 2013 WR450F gave me problems on the weekend. I stopped during a race with the bike dying under me whilst I was crossing a river. I assumed one of the plugs got wet, and preceded to remove the IMS tank and check all the plugs for water. All of them was dry and in good condition. Then checked for spark and found none put my spare plug in the lead and also no spark. Then a marshal helped me and whilst I was swinging the motor he touched the coil(mounted on the Enduro engineering rad braces) and got a huge shock we fiddled the wire and the bike started. I got going and lost so much time, but still did another 50 km to the finish. I have removed the coil and the lead on the coil side is still attached and sealed, but when I fiddle with it the bike won't start or die when idling. Q: can I cut the coil open to check the connection and then seal with heat shrink and silicone? or is this a big no no? Also part number will a YZ450f FI coil work on my bike?