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  1. sigman

    Engine Ice

    Anyone using Engine Ice in there 450,s, & is it worth the $ I just put a Boyseen water pump and impeller in....not sure if it helped cool the bike at low speeds. Any input is appreciated.
  2. sigman

    Anyone in upstate new york?

    Rockland County Here...... NO PLACE LEFT TO RIDE:thumbsdn: If anyone knows any good trails let me know....I can also throw your machine in my trailer if needed as well.
  3. sigman

    Christmas freebie thread

    Dude, This is a great idea, I have a bunch of 2002 XR250 items I will put up, I also have a bunch of 00-01 CR250 items that I can put up.....I know this is the XR forum, would you like me to put them up as well???
  4. sigman

    anybody ride off exit 116 rt 17 ??

    I didn't think of that........hmmmmmmmmm well if anyone has any good riding spots please fell free to pop me off an email and share it....and if you need a ride I haul a 16' enclosed trailer around with me...plenty of room for you.
  5. sigman

    anybody ride off exit 116 rt 17 ??

    what rte 17 are you talking about?? there are several in Orange County NY?
  6. sigman

    Maybrook, NY CLOSED!! Now What??

    they were FORCED to close it by the town even though it is private land....
  7. Hey Guys, Are there any people that ride(or should I say rode) Maywood, Ny find another place to ride now that it is closed?? If anyone has a good spot to ride please share ... If anyone wants to buddy up I have a 8x16 enclosed trailer and would be more than happy to trailer your machine as well. I live in Rockland County NY. looking for a good place within a 100 miles or so.
  8. sigman

    2002 XR205R graphics kit!

    Take a look in my garage at my 02 XR250.......I used Graphics from One Industries.....Best money spent, They are Thick, and the have super Stick to them....(Tank is also perfed to let the gas vapors that bleed out of the plastic to escape without bubbling graphic) I have them on for 18 months now with alot of dirty miles....They still look as new today as when I installed them, I also went with matching seat cover. Trust me you will enjoy them!!
  9. sigman

    2000 CR250 Value??

    Hey One Liter, Or anyone else interested. If you are still in the market take a look in my garage at my 01 CR250, I am getting ready to put it up on ebay soon, It is Cherry, since those pics I have changed graphics to Honda's Woody. I have several Thousand in aftermarket upgrades. looking for 3200. but willing to talk. This is the FASTEST CR250 around. Built by Tuf Racing for Rusty Holland. (bike was used 1 season for ArenaCross. Bike has been Super Fun to ride. Need to reduce toy collection so it will have to go:cry: Let me know if you are interested......many extra parts go with it as well. John
  10. sigman

    Tank Venting Question - Decals?

    Vapors will seep through the tank, I put on a set of really good One Industrie decals and over the winter the developed acne............still not a problem, juust take a razor and pin prick the bubbles and reapply pressure, if they are good decals they will re-adhere. take a look in my garage you cant even tell my decals got sick....btw even with the cap off the tank will still draw vapors throurh the sides. Good Luck...................................Sigman.
  11. sigman

    fork seal protectors

    take a look in my garage to see my set up, I love it. simple and clean. src & acerbis
  12. sigman

    What fork oil do you use

    Amsoil Ultra light 5w
  13. sigman

    I did it. Brand New '04 XR 400.

    Welcome and Congrats, you will truly enjoy that machine.
  14. sigman

    Post pics of your CR's

    Yup.thats where I picked it up. I will be heading out there on the 18th to pick it up........man I can't wait, I still have my XR to ride for the next couple of weeks.... I called tuf racing to see if I could get the actual specs on the build of the bike, they said no it is proprietary info............go figure. But they did verify it was one of theirs. Got the dyno sheet on the bike a least. if I am not mistaken it was 65hp. not bad!!