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  1. safety

    What's new for 2007?

    I was planning on waiting to get the '07 WR450F IF they were updating it with an aluminum frame. Anyone have an idea if this will happen? Already 240#, would like to see something in variable weight to the the YZF450.
  2. I have an '04 xr250 and I couldn't get it started. I took it to the shop and they said the compression was 70 and should be 130. They did a leak-down test and it wasn't good. They cracked the head and say I need a new piston and rings = $595.00 and 2 weeks to do it. This seems a bit long and expensive. Another guy told me it should be around a $300 job and a few days. What's the deal. Anyone want to buy this thing!
  3. safety

    Spark Plug xr250r '04

    I went to change my spark plug, according to the manual a relatively easy task. I removed the old and followed the instructions: hand tighten to ensure not to cross thread, tighten until seated and then tighted 1/2 turn from that. Well I can't get the plug to seat. I even took the plug out, marked it with a perm marker on the threads and tightened again. When it felt like it seated, I tightened 1/2 turn more. Would not start. I removed and it had not gone all the way in. Cannot figure it out. Help!
  4. safety

    450 vs 250

    Looking to make a new purchase. Heavy rider, 6'5" 245. East Coast riding. I like the WR450, but not sure if I should go with the 250. I want to ride enduro's/dual sports but be able to ride a hare scramble if I wish. Help me decide please.
  5. safety

    Fighting my Xr250

    I'm the biggest newbie there is and I ride the xr250 also. I have found that what these other folks are saying is right on the money. I move a little farther back on the seat and give it enough of a crank to raise some weight off the front tire. When I need to I move forward and raise up just enough to level my center of gravity. Then again, sometimes I let the rear wheel plow right through. You have a great bike there, you just need find your way. Not to mention that depending on your weight, your suspension settings and tire pressure will affect how your bike repsonds to you. Talking to her in a nice way doesn't hurt either. Good luck and keep us informed. -Safety
  6. safety

    When I lay down my xr250

    Changed the oil last week. Will change the plug this week too.
  7. safety

    When I lay down my xr250

    Right there sounds like my problem, not opening the throttle when doing those 10+ kicks. Thanks a bunch. Would it all help to change the plug. Haven't changed it since I bought it and not sure if it was ever changed with the last owner.
  8. safety

    When I lay down my xr250

    When I lay down my xr250 IMO it's taking way too long to get 'er restarted. Am I doing it wrong? The second I realize I'm going down, I hit the kill button. After I get it up and on good ground, I try to start it. If it doesn't start on the 2nd or 3rd kick, I pull i the decomp lever and kick 10-12 times with the throttle released. I then kick it and it's not starting. Last time it happened, I waited about 10 minutes and then tried kicking with the throttle all the way open. It popped really loudly once and on the next kick it started. How can I get it to start right away or am I doing something terribly wrong?
  9. safety

    hare scramble

    ok and if I did go with the CRF-X, which is good for both Hare scramble and Enduro. My wife's uncle says for this east coast riding, the 250 is ample power. -M
  10. safety

    hare scramble

    Okay, sounds like I should press on . Will do and will let you know how I do, good or bad. Thanks, Safety
  11. safety

    hare scramble

    Am I making a mistake running an xr250 in a hare scramble? Want to see if it's what I want to do, and it will influence my next purchase. Wr250 vs WR450.
  12. safety

    Learnining Curve

    Well there's a Hare Scramble on the 20th of this month and I think I might give it a whirl as "mileonair" recommends. In the least, it gives me some more riding time, wider trails, some little jumps and I think an all around good time. If I can't shake this cough by then, I'll waive it off and get my bike in a more presentable condition for sale, getting a new bike and getting it up to specs for next year.
  13. safety

    Middle aged fear!

    Ian, I started riding this year, I'm 39 and I just did myself in, in an Enduro. But what little I do and what little I learn, I get better. I'm no quitter and you sound like no quitter as well. If I get to 60 years old and never finish an enduro, who cares, I love the sport more than I need to win. Pace yourself and have fun. I've faced it, I'm too old to be an MX'er or a pro Enduro guy, but it doesn't prevent me from having a good time every once and a while. Remember, a winner NEVER quits and a QUITTER never wins. You determine what constitutes a WIN!
  14. I have a total of 10 hours riding experience and I let my wife's family and myself talk me into entering the Delaware national Enduro Yesterday. First the good news....I got a t-shirt. Now the bad. So I start off at 0741, head down the road, hit the trail and yes, I was a little overwhelmed at first, but I took it in stride, moved to the side for the other riders, basically, enjoying myself and doing ok for a first timer . Then at the 5th mile I run a big hill, pick the wrong lane and lay her down, now she won't start..... , she's an xr250r, running very hot and even witht he decomp lever, I can't get her started for a half hour. I then get her running, hit some thick mud (that eveyone has already been through) and have to get a 'safety' to help me out. Well although I know I'm already disqualified, I'm no quitter. I press on. I get to the 1st Reset, everyone's gone, I press on for another 8 miles and then another Safety tells me that the signs are all turned around on this leg . Well I don't know much, but what I do know is that when a 'safety' tewlls you the signs are all turned around, what he's trying to say is that I'm done for the day. Okay, aside from the ribbing I'm going to get from my wife's uncles and cousins, I am not discouraged in the least. I had a great time and I realize now that I needed to fail. As far as the gear goes, I was prepared, but that wasn't enough. I'm excited about next Spring. I'm excited to learn more, ride more and maybe get to mile 42 or the total 84 miles for the "C" Class next year. No offense Xr'ers, but I think I'm done kick starting, I think I'll get the WR250 for this East Coast Riding. But more importantly, I have a huge level of respect for those that compete and play in this sport and I really look forward to getting better. What a learning experience! All the best, -Safety
  15. Can anyone give me a good site to find front/rear springs for 05 WR250F? I need to mod for my 6'4 250 lb body. Thanks