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  1. I can't get the thing started. I have done everything mentioned in the forum except for the 450 cam. The jetting is correct as far as what other are recomending. I am in the process of converting to supermoto but want to get it starting more reliably and make sure that the jetting really is correct for my bike/alt. ect. -tony
  2. I need a shop recomendation in the bay area that knows how to tune Yamaha's. I have a 2000 yz426. thanks, -tony
  3. tonyc

    Suspension Set-up

    Darrick, On Sunday at the school you went through everyone's bike and adjusted the shock and fork settings. Could you give a little explanation of what you change for both rebound and compression and how it may differ from a dirt set-up. thanks, -tony btw, had a blast on my pig of bike ktm lc4, time to get something smaller, lighter and faster...