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  1. damn it sure is
  2. the 06 is the better bike
  3. avidi a venci will have it the 20th of october
  4. Google it...
  5. hmm i read that the new crf250r had 42 hp "Honda are claiming 31.5kw (42hp) at 11000rpm from their Pro-Lite motocrosser with 29.2Nm of torque available at 9500rpm."
  6. lol that is so treu
  7. That just looks bitching dude
  8. 180 6'4 crf250 05'
  9. i would go for the 250 just because the 450 is 2 heavy for me and toooo much power :X
  10. ur giving it gas while kicking it? that will normally make it backfire on ya
  11. just wash it off is my guess