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  1. metalmachinery

    2018 CRF450R Magura hydraulic clutch

    Have you tried new hydro clutch yet? How is it? Stock pull is killing me..
  2. metalmachinery

    2018 CRF450R Magura hydraulic clutch

    Hey can I get an update on this hydr clutch? The pull on my 18 is a chore and I struggle when track gets beat and rough hitting tight inside lines stalling etc. Is the flex on the bracket creating a binding issue? does the flex affect the slave force in/out or is slave flexing side to side? Side to side still has leverage where as in/out is loosing force. Do you have the GenII magura or jack ? Looks like there are 2-3 versions????
  3. Looking for input/reviews on Ride Engineering Pullrods for 2018 CRF450R. I know Keefer did writeup on the 17 but havent heard any recent reviews for 18 with new valving & springs. Noticeable? side effects? worth 200?
  4. metalmachinery

    2018 YZ-250F REAR BRAKE?

    what do mean by free play at pedal/master?? Are you referring to pedal adjustment to foot free play?
  5. metalmachinery

    2018 YZ-250F REAR BRAKE?

    Went thru re-checked alignment for bind. not that. Going pull some fluid out and see but did bled the damn thing 3x. The caliper gets so crazy hot.. afraid of vapor lock or burn oil or brake failure. Going to maybe check aftermarket pads which I never do always use oem pads but not sure. Will look into heat shield removal also. Dealer has no idea whats up with it either.
  6. metalmachinery

    2018 YZ-250F REAR BRAKE?

    New 2018 with aprx 15hours. From time of new the rear brake has too much drag, squeals and gets super hot. I have taken the caliper apart, greased floating pins, bled system with fresh fluids etc. With the bike on stand, the wheel barely spins one revolution with considerable force. If I push the caliper over by hand releasing pad pressure the wheels spins 2-3x like it should. It seems like alignment or caliper needs shims or something ?? Any thoughts or anybody have this problem?
  7. metalmachinery

    Ready to take the plunge and buy a '18 450sxf

    Can you give more feedback on beast comment? Is that good or bad thing for you? Im in same boat as you were.. cant decide 350 vs 450. Im 48yrs int on kawi 450 and love the power but want better handling and less big bike feel. havent rode a 350 yet
  8. metalmachinery

    How many of you have ever checked your TPS voltage?

    Does the manual show how to check TPS? (at work, no book).. Spoke to tech at tokyo regarding continued decel pop since remap and told me to check again for air leaks. I replaced copper exh gasket with new and heavily siliconed entire exhaust.. no change. Bike runs great otherwise.
  9. metalmachinery

    2016 Gearing

    also 13/51. I was having to cover the clutch too much in tight corners with deep ruts. also tokyo remap with 4.1 slip on great over rev. still decel pops thou
  10. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    Thanks for sharing this info, Im going to consider this conversion as my final option. Ive been satisfied with my revalve performance but still not good with air pressure buildup during long motos, gp races. Suspension is good for aprx 15-20mins and starts to change as I get tired... no beuno. Can you feel the extra weight on front... turn in, handling etc?
  11. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    maybe check p/n's on axle and spacers. could be slight difference from 2010 to 16
  12. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    interesting.. pls post how the conversion works out.
  13. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    ok but your using mixed matched forks off a 2010 on your 16... did you switch over axle, spacers, caliper, triples etc? Not sure about the fitment with your application but seems you need the fork lugs floating in there natural position on the axle before cinching up axle nut to determine where the bind is. no expert here.. just trying to help
  14. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    btw... dont ride it. the drag will get much worse when heats and will lockup
  15. metalmachinery

    Front Brake Drag

    with everything loose.. spin front wheel and grab the brake or pump the front end up and down to align forks on axel. cinch pinch bolts on both sides.. then axel nut very last. If your tightening the axel nut first your pulling to one side. Also check your brake lever, maybe you changed to wrong lever and preloading resv piston