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  1. hpiguy

    Wide Ratio Gears! But no six speed.

    You sir are a hero for DRZ owners. I really wish I had known about this when I had my counter shaft replaced recently.
  2. hpiguy

    Broken Countershaft

    Well, at least I don't have to buy a front sprocket then. Thanks Noble
  3. hpiguy

    Broken Countershaft

    I really appreciate all the replies guys, and it's good to hear it's a very rare issue. I read somewhere that this issue could be caused by using aftermarket front sprockets that don't have the rubber bushing built in, think there's anything to that? I am using an aftermarket front on my bike. This is on an SM model that gets a lot of hard street miles so I'll be having my mechanic replace the entire shaft with a new one, as I simply don't trust my life to a part that has already failed once.
  4. hpiguy

    Broken Countershaft

    So is there something that causes it Eddie, or leads to the shaft failing? I was torquing the bolt to 79.5 ft lbs as the service manual recommended. My bike only has 16,000 miles on it, that seems very low for such a critical part to fail IMO. Is there an upgraded shaft I can purchase? To be honest, this doesn't give me tons of confidence in the OEM part.
  5. hpiguy

    Broken Countershaft

    In 30 years of being around bikes, I’ve seen some things that just made me wonder how in the hell did you do that? I was putting my bike back together after about a week of maintenance getting ready for riding season on Saturday evening, when this happened; My countershaft snapped, right where the splines for the front sprocket meet the threads. I’ve never seen this happen, nor have I ever even heard of it. I was using a torque wrench, had threaded it on by hand so it wasn’t cross threaded, etc. Any TT'ers ever seen this before? I'm truly baffled.
  6. hpiguy

    DIY Trailtech Vapor mount

    That deserves some rep points. Very nice work, and proof that you don't have to run out and buy everything. I'm impressed, looks factory.
  7. hpiguy

    MRD heat shield

    Very cool. Looking forward to meeting you too man. You're gonna have FUN.
  8. hpiguy

    MRD heat shield

    So does that mean you're coming up with sumoryder and the boys this weekend? I'm not really worried about my leg, more if I'm wearing MX pants or the like. Those things melt so easy.
  9. hpiguy

    TT-R or DR-Z - help

    Going from a CRF450R to a TT-R 250 would probably feel like getting on a moped to you. I know you said power isn't everything, and while that's true, the TT-R in stock form puts down 28HP, or slightly more than half of your 450. The 400E would be around 40, but much more mellow in comparison. With your weight, I think the 400E would be perfect for what you say you want to do. Just my .02
  10. Congrats Rookie Doesn't seem fair to make the dizzer run with the SXV's and Beemers though. But, I suppose they do that based on turnout, or lack of interest in the series?
  11. hpiguy

    MRD heat shield

    I had Dave send me a DRC heat shield with mine, looks way better than the stocker IMO.
  12. hpiguy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Agreed. Thankfully, I've reached an age where I also think about those things. The holeshot system looks trick rookie. You had me worried there that you were abandoning the DRZ.
  13. hpiguy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Yeah, figured it was pretty stout. I have to say some of the design aspects on both the Beemer and the new Berg's intrigues me a lot. But I will always (hopefully) keep my DRZ, as my GTO bike. I have to have something that's always ready for that last minute 300 mile epic ride. But one of these days, a second racier bike is in the works for sure. Good luck in whatever you decide smrookie, I think I'm gonna go ride my minibike now.
  14. hpiguy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    That beemer is hot, how was the power smrookie? I did the stator and starter clutch loc tite fix, and threw in a lightened flywheel (not pictured) while I was in there. And got her some new shoes.
  15. hpiguy

    Michelin Pilot Power Question.

    I get about 1500-2000 out of a rear, and about double that on the front. Love the pilot powers.