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  1. Does anyone know the prices for the two-strokes? Also if anyone is interested has pictures of the new bikes - expect for the 144sx... bummer.
  2. I race GPs and big outdoor tracks - so that's not going to work. I was thinking of trying different set ups this weekend. Like 105 mm sag.
  3. That's a thought. Could it be that I am over the bars too much? I do like to lean forward.
  4. Now, when you say 5mm do you mean in the forks or fork oil?
  5. Look at my comment that followed. I love the 450 - it handles and turns great - but I thought the twitchy feeling I had - just like my YZ250 - was something a 22mm clamp could fix.
  6. Yea VACRF, why don't you read my question again. And this time go word by word real slow - then think about it - then reply!
  7. My front end gets a little busy a long straights - nothing too bad - hell my 2005 YZ250 was worse! Where is your sag at? Any suspension changes. I am going to try 105mm this weekend.
  8. I agree. I am sure all good bikes. Kaw should be proud that their first 450 is good, but I have heard - from "other" test riders - that it feels tall in the turns. I also "told" that the YZF doesn't turn that well. I have been a Yamaha guy for years, but I didn't want to take a chance on a first year bike again, like the YZF and KXF. I have gotten burn before on new models. So I went with something I know is good straight out of the box. 2006 CFR 450.
  9. Since Racer X is saying the front end is twitchy - does anyone out there know if it's any easy fixes my getting different clamps like 22mm? Would that fix the problem? It's a great bike, hell all the privateers racer them last year for a reason!
  10. 170 pounds
  11. Does anyone have a good baseline for the bike? I am a fast novice rider. Thanks for the info.
  12. I put Sunline on mine and love them!!!
  13. Does anyone have a good set up for a 170 pound novice to start with?
  14. The black plastic piece was it! You ROCK! Thanks
  15. After putting on a new perch and hand guards - my kill switch NOW doesn't work. Any ideas? When I touch the two wires together it still kills the engine though. Thanks