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  1. Was the clutch cover off recently? It's possible the starter spring needs to be preloaded or given an extra loop around the starter shaft to tighten the kicker spring.
  2. Was the clutch cover off recently? It's possible the starter spring needs to be preloaded or given an extra loop around the starter shaft to tighten the kicker spring.
  3. Was the clutch cover off recently? It's possible the starter spring needs to be preloaded or given an extra loop around the starter shaft to tighten the kicker spring.
  4. Big hammer and a hot torch! Oh I forgot we tried that last night:ride:
  5. Check your side stand switch. Unplug the switch from the harness and take a peice of insulated wire, 12-16 gage in size. Connect the 2 leads on the harness from the side stand switch using your insulated wire and try starting the bike. Basically your bypassing the side stand switch. The side stand switch will die without notice and happens to all street Hondas. If this works just make the bypass perminant by using quick wire splice connectors or solder and heat shrink tube the connections. Or spend 50 bucks to buy a new switch from your friendly hoonda dealer. The clutch lever also has a micro switch in the lever perch, those die to sometimes, simply connect the 2 wires to complete the circuit.
  6. Interesting find, I would guess yes. It should come back with the auto decomp intact, unless it gets removed when the welding and the grinding of the cam takes place. I am sure it's a messy and dirty process, but if they remove the auto decomp then weld/grind the cam, clean, harden, clean and assemble it should be better than new!
  7. Hmmm, that store has some really interesting items and the prices are fair! good find!
  8. Plus you would have your AMA card yanked if you get caught... Big deal I know! I know what your trying to do and it sounds like fun on the street running up against DRZ400's but, A biker with any knowledge would look at the cylinder and know it's just to big, plus the XR4's exhaust note is quite deep and once you smoked the guy he is going to come back and ask question, at least I would!
  9. Yes, the XR4 swingarm pivot bolts are know to rust in place. They are almost impossible to get out if it's rusted or frozen on the bike. When your looking at a new to you, used XR4 take a socket set with you to check out the bike. Ask the seller if the bolt has been serviced (greased) if he says yes then ask him if you can check it your self. Any seller should allow this simple test otherwise walk away from the bike and don't buy it. Take the swingarm nut off the bolt and tap the bolt with a 3/8 socket extension and hammer. You want to push the bolt at least 1 to 1-1/2 inches out like your trying to remove the bolt. If the bolt does not move do not force it or ask the seller to show you this test him self. If the bolt does not move do not buy the bike unless he gives you a super great deal otherwise walk away from the purchase! Good luck on your new ride.. SIRR1
  10. I don't think your turn signals will work or be affective if you not using a battery. Simply because the voltage will drop so low at idle there won't be enought umph to power the lights. The turn signals will work when you moving but once you stop the lights are going to dim. You will have to rev it up to get the lights enought juice. Let me think here for a minute... You need to find a 12v battery and lay everything out on a table. Start with the 12v battery, take the positive lead and run a wire to a 2 pole blinker unit. (Pick one up at Autozone or Pep Boys $10.00 bucks) From the positive pole on the battery take a length 14-18 gage wire into the one of the poles on the blinker unit, the other pole goes out to the power in on your handle bar switch. Then run your wires from the handle bar switch to each LED turn signal. 1 wire LF-LR. 1 wire RF-RR. And finish up by running your gound wires to complete the circuit back to the battery. The handle bar switch also needs to be grounded in this circuit otherwise it won't work. Now that you have everthing wired up, battery, flasher, switch, LED turn signals they will only turn on, they will not blink. You need a 2-wire 8 ohm resistor on each Turn signal. Pick up 4 at radio shack, they simply connect by running 1 lead off the resistor the positive wire of the turn signal and 1 lead to the negitive wire of the turn signal. Once you have everything working on the table then transfer this over to the bike. Use masking tape to lable each connection, ABCDEFG for ease of assembly. You can get the 12v power you need from under the seat at the quick connection at the sub frame. It can be done. SIRR1
  11. Good advice! Whatever XR4 you buy make sure the swingarm pivot bolt is not frozen!
  12. Lower Back Surgery Number 3 coming up. I have road the bike 4 times, all it does is sit. When I get time to ride, my wife and I hop on the F3. I can't really do anything more to the XR so I figured I would unload the XR4 and start another project bike this winter.
  13. Thats called the "Sportsman" set up for Supermoto or TT scrambles in the AMA dirt track series. This allows the everyday guy like us to compete without having to totally transform his ride, kind of a budget class set up.
  14. Norge your a wild man! Sounds like a good transaction to me! Thosforce I think the HRC kit is a 417cc so yes the cylinder would need a bore. The other items HD clucth basket, cam ect. would need no modifications to install just gaskets. BTW great find on the HRC kit!
  15. 1-Pivot Bolt (Can it be removed). If you can not remove this bolt, do not buy the bike. BTW I have my XR426R Sumo up for sale...._^..^_