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  1. MZrider

    First time out Riding for the Old Guy

    The KX is perfect for this type of riding...give it a little time. You will get used to the bike. What gearing are you running on the bike?
  2. MZrider

    Handelbar 4 KX 250

    I went with the Pro Taper KX High. I am 6'2" and the bars are comfortable while standing up.
  3. MZrider

    WHat is it worth?

    It will be a fun bike for the desert. Fun power! The only down side that you listed is the sleeve. A replating job is always prefered over a sleeve.
  4. I made it up to Red River, but my friend ended up getting sick and had to bail. I met up with some guys and we managed to log 40.1 mi. on my GPS. It was a very spirited pace with most of the time spent in the tight stuff getting ready for the Sidewinders Enduro this weekend. Cheers, tp
  5. Karl, I'm glad to hear you liked the results! I added a flywheel weight not long after I bought my bike too. I cannot remember if I went with the 11 or 9 oz. weight. At first, I loved the results for riding at Red River, but I recently pulled it off the bike after gearing down to 13/50. After riding the past two weekends out there without it, I doubt I will put it back in. I like the snap without it and the lower gearing settled the bike down to where is is very controlable.
  6. MZrider

    2006 KX250 Woods Weapon

    I am not sure about the specific model of handguards, but your local parts shop will know. I had to have my suspension revalved and resprung. Just adjusting the settings did not soften it up enough.
  7. MZrider

    2006 KX250 Woods Weapon

    The bark busters are a must! Any good metal set will work just fine. There are a couple of other things that you will want to consider too. First, you will want to have the suspension set-up correctly. Ususlly the MX set-up is too stiff for an effective woods set-up. Second, a steering damper is a good investment. Some add on a flywheel weight too. It helps to dumb down the hit on the bike and allows you to lug the bike a bit more in the real tight stuff. The tank is optional. Most woods races will have a gas location that can be reached with a stock tank. If you do not want to hassle with a gas stop, the larger tank is nice to have though. I have the 3.3 gal. Clarke and it has been flawless. Cheers
  8. Great! If the weather holds, I will be up there when the gate opens Sunday morning. I cannot stay all day, but I need to test some changes I made to my bike. I ended up switching to the 50t sprocket and I pulled off my flywheel weight today. I am considering sending it back to Steahly and having them shave a little weight off of it. I will be in a tan Dodge Ram with a small trailer. Cheers, tp
  9. I have switched to the same gearing on my '02. I will let you know how it compares to running a 49t. Are you planning on riding this weekend? Cheers, tp
  10. MZrider


    This depends on what type of riding or racing you are doing, but most experienced mechanics will tell you to replace the top end every 10-20 hours. We have all heard stories of people claiming to have ridden their bike for years and never needed a top end. This happens quite a bit, but to remain competitive and keep the bike in top shape, the 10-20 hour mark is a good rule to go by.
  11. MZrider

    Pipe and jetting questions

    Karl, I run the Gnarly pipe on my '02 KX250. It is perfect for the trails at Red River. The bike has plenty of low end grunt. If you find your bike still has problems climbing some of the stuff out there, you might look at running a Steahly flywheel weight. It did wonders to my bike. I also just had Pro Privateer Racing redo my suspension. It is a completely different bike now! It is by far the best money I have spent on the bike. Cheers, tp
  12. MZrider

    Revalving-where to send it?

    Find a local shop.
  13. I am looking for pro's or con's to the IMS and Clarke 3.3 tanks. I am planning on putting one on an '02 KX250 Any fit and finish comments appreciated.
  14. MZrider

    Kx250 2002

    I love my '02. I use it for trailriding and enduro racing. Get it, you will not be disappointed. Cheers!
  15. MZrider

    KX 250 2000 Flywheel Question

    Just pull the side cover and you will see it if there is a flywheel weight installed. The weights just mount on top of the stock flywheel. This is what it will look like: http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/weightsdet.php?s_partnum=619_ If you don't have one, you might consider getting one. They make the bike much more woods friendly. Cheers