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  1. BeeDub

    Transamerica Trail

    If he ain't on here, I'd be willing to bet (if I had any money) that you'd find him on advrider.com
  2. Pretty sure it has to have 7,500 miles on it or something like that, but you're gonna get a lot of better replies than this...
  3. BeeDub

    Jerome Out & About Tues.

    Very cool! Thanks for the ride report! By the way, I'd love to be going on your Grand Canyon/Sedona ride with you guys. Wish I was closer...
  4. I hate to admit this, but for the first few weeks I had my brand new L, I thought I'd gotten a dud. Sometimes it would start, sometimes the electrical was all gone. I tried screwing the terminal screws back in. Eventually, I couldn't tap the battery box into working anymore. I then realized how simple it really was. The dang nut inside the battery terminal wasn't catching the screw. I felt pretty stupid. Anyway, you could put that on your list of things to check.
  5. BeeDub

    Counter Shaft Sprocket Change, XRL???

    Thanks Martinfan! What about the play on the front sprocket? I'm thinking the spline grooves are worn and I shouldn't use it...I might go throw the 13T on there and see if it's tighter. Also, the chain should go on easier so I can ride the dang thing tomorrow. I just paid more than $80 for less than 20 gallons of gas in the Silverado...
  6. BeeDub

    Counter Shaft Sprocket Change, XRL???

    Okay boys, thanks for your help so far! I'm almost ready to ride again, got the new Tag bars on, new grips, sprockets are mounted, but... Now the chain seems way too short to go back on! Will the stocker not go over 14/48? If not, what do I need to do? Add another link or two, or just get a whole new chain? Also, when I went to put the front sprocket on, I noticed the little keeper key didn't line up with the sprocket grooves, so I'm assuming that's how it holds it on there? Bear with me, I've never done this before...also, it has some play fully tight, is that normal? I didn't notice any play on the stocker, but that could've been because of the dampener. Please help, I wanna try this stuff out, haha!
  7. BeeDub

    Counter Shaft Sprocket Change, XRL???

    I am putting 14/48 on it, and I've also got a 13T in case I need it. And yes, there is a rubber dampener on each side of the stock sprocket. Do I need to buy some for the aftermarket ones. It seems thick enough to change where the sprocket sits, but maybe it doesn't even touch anything but the chain.
  8. Hey guys, I just got my new sprockets, and I'm trying to change the countershaft sprocket now, but when I pulled the stock one, it had some pretty thick gasket like material on each side of it. Do I need to get something like that to put the new one on? I'm just worried that if I just put it on, something won't tighten up or it'll be out of alignment or something.
  9. BeeDub

    650L head pipe

    Okay, I brainfarted, for some reason I was thinking the part you needed to grind would still be attached to the motor...
  10. BeeDub

    650L head pipe

    Anyone got a picture of this? Also, how do you keep the shavings from getting in the motor? With a wadded up kleenex or something?
  11. BeeDub

    Dunlop 908

    I removed the chain guard when I put on my 130 606. I haven't had a sinle problem. I haven't changed the gearing yet, but am going to a 14X48 in the next couple weeks. On durability, I've heard the 908 lasts way longer than a 606. My 606 has lasted about 2K, mostly street. They run that 908 on those 950s, which are powerful and probably spend a lot more time on the street, leading me to believe it might last longer...am I an idiot?
  12. BeeDub

    Dunlop 908

    Yep, it's a one-size tire. It's what I plan to try next on my L. I've looked around here and on ADV to see if anyone else has tried them, but found nobody but KTM 950s. I figure I'll still try it, seems to be a good tire.
  13. BeeDub

    XR650L Borrego Rack

    Cool, I'm glad you guys like them. Someone else posted the picture straight from turbocity.com I'm guessing, but it is my bike! If you get the rack, you should really consider getting the Cortech/Tourmaster Sport tailbag as well. It fits the rack like a glove, pretty literally...
  14. BeeDub

    XR650L Borrego Rack

    MartinFan, can you somehow merge these two Borrego rack threads? Thanks if you can, thanks for trying if you can't!
  15. BeeDub

    Borrego rack on an XR650L

    MartinFan, can you somehow merge these two Borrego rack threads? Thanks if you can, thanks for trying if you can't!