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  1. Hi everyone I'm a newbie here, and although i have riden many makes of bikes both on road off road and custom built. I have never really had much to do with KT M's I come cap in hand for a Friend who is starting out and doing pretty well in the amateur field. He is a little inexperienced when it comes to buying bikes however Basically he has bought a KTM 250 which he was told had a slight clutch problem Anyhoo he came round to show me his new acquisition...£1500.00p he paid for it and well Lets say the clutch is fine on inspection the bike kicks up and sounds beautiful No rattles knocks or horrorginostrafants, the overall condition of the machine is very good...it doesn't look abused. The problem is i can select 1st gear and the clutch bites nice and the bike rides okay. That's it...i can re select neutral but nothing else does this sound like a familiar fault to any one? any pointers would be appreciated