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  1. jjewell

    yz250f dripping carb

    thanks for everyones help
  2. jjewell

    yz250f dripping carb

    hello i have a yz250f with some carb problems. the carb constantly drips gas out of a small port hole in the bottom of the bowl that feeds into a tube and runs to the ground. i took the carb off and everything looks fine, the float doesn't seem to be sticking. has anyone ever had this problem? Thanks
  3. jjewell

    KLR 650 Fork oil

    What's the word on fork oil? Stay with the recommended 10w or go up to a 15w? Any schools of thought?
  4. jjewell

    03 wr450 running like s#$%

    Thanks for the help! I loosened my hot start cable and all is well for now.
  5. jjewell

    03 wr450 running like s#$%

    That's news to me. How else can a guy check for a rich condition? It is a major pain in the ass removing/reinstalling plugs on that bike.
  6. jjewell

    03 wr450 running like s#$%

    lets see. I put a Baja Kit lighting kit on. Installed a moose jetting kit. And installed a new hot start lever, hummmmm. I'll check that to make sure it's seated correctly. Thanks for the help.
  7. My WR450 runs like s#$%. At first i thought it was running rich. The plugs tell otherwise. It began with some backfiring through the exhaust but now is missing badly. I remember reading about these bikes being prone to a broken woodruff key holding the rotor failing and throwing the timing off. Anybody else experience this or have any suggestions on fixing this problem.
  8. I'm looking for parts for my klr650. I am looking at a left hand turn signal toggle swith and a skid plate from a KLR250 on ebay right now and was woundering if they were compatable.
  9. jjewell

    Axle sliders for a WR450f

    Thanks, I've got a set coming.
  10. jjewell

    Axle sliders for a WR450f

    I'm in the hunt for a set of front and rear axle sliders for my 03WR450F. Anodized blue with black would work for me. Any suggestions?
  11. jjewell

    Paint for Plasic?

    thanks lumps I'll keep an eye out for them.
  12. jjewell

    Paint for Plasic?

    Thanks i'll give er a try.
  13. jjewell

    Paint for Plasic?

    I'm building a streetmotard. Everything's looking fine except my plastic, specificly the white plastic. Anyone have any ideas of what paint or treatment would work best?
  14. jjewell

    02 YZ426F Supermoto Street Legal

    Are there turn signals hidden somewhere?
  15. jjewell

    WR vs YZ rear spring

    Can anyone tell me if you can swap a 03 wr450f rear spring with a 03 yz450f spring on a 03 WR450F?