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  1. Hare

    We need a new riding area in Mid Atlantic

    There's a club like that already right around the Baltimore area. If you have 10 wooded acres or access to a decent scrambles track we can race on, then you can join too. No money making, just pass the hat for enough for the next race/party. Beef Bikes Beer
  2. I heard it is soccer. After my first time in the ER from a cycle wreck and getting hassled, I never "had" another wreck involving a motorcycle again. Snice then I slipped in the back yard, fell of my bicycle, slipped in the bathtub, anything but motorcycle accident. Around here they treat you like a 3rd class citizen if your a rider.
  3. i probably have one as well if you guys don't work it out. I can't keep a cable working to save my life.
  4. Hare

    xr 600r pouring white smoke

    i would say a valve is or was hanging/stuck open, that would explain the misfiring and the smoke
  5. Hare

    XR6 rear brake

    I am not positive but i think 91 were non cartridge, then switched in 92 and everything stayed the same til '00 except for color
  6. Hare

    Clarke 4.0 -VS- Clarke 4.7

    i have 4.0 as well and love it, i always have more fuel than the rest, in the woods we ride i wouldn't want anything larger, i could see how it could be appealing for a comuter or baja rider
  7. Hare


    http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2086095530042187342zEJxUz Heres my 94 XR600 I did up to look like the stunt bikes from the 70s TV shows. I put it together in 2001 when i can across a freshy fresh in some guy's shed, with a bunch of hop up parts from my old worn out 93 xr600 it was a good move. Cut down a Black CR 250 fender and i think Aceerbis had the rest in black as a kit. http://rides.webshots.com/photo/2207753800042187342znfyuK I had the frame nickle plated, thats one step short of a full chrome job. These pics are before i added the full Yosh exhaust, skid and such. Its a 628 with the big fins mod, flat slide carb, 200 watt coil with optional BD full on baja race lights, scotts dampner, summers brace and seal savers. It will hold the wheel up forever but shes a but tired and needs at least a re ring again.
  8. Hare

    XR600 carb problems, HELP!!!

    sorry to leave you hanging, i don't check in much going thru the carb is easy, your basically are just cleaning it, look for dirt blocking a jet, don't use a wire or anything hard to clean the jets, usually a little carb cleaner and compressed air does the trick, pull the float valve out spray some cleaner there too just lay yourself out a nice clean area and go for it. Don't stress if it leaks out the vent tubes after reassembling , gently tap on the side of the float bowl and it should stop if not pull the float bowl off and play with the floats/float valve and reassemble. carbs with LOTS (i mean LOTS!) of time on them are throw aways.
  9. Hare

    XR600 carb problems, HELP!!!

    around these parts 0-2,000 ft. we always use the best fuel we can get, 91 93 whatever is the highest octane pump gas they sell. Air Leak is very likely, most any spray works, carb cleaner, brake clean, WD, ect, propane also works to check for air leaks and is safer to use, just rig up a small hose with a tip, even directed into the airbox will give a rise in idle. It also could be the jetting and then too many other things to list. When I have running issues no matter what they are i usually start with a compression test, but it does sound air leak/jetting related Why is a different carb on it? Are all you base settings correct, air screw, clip? Do you know what jets are in there? if not, it might be worth going thru the carb do a good cleaning and write down your current jets and needle setting.
  10. Hare

    2000 xr600r stiff clutch

    If you have replaced everthing else, the clutch basket can become grooved and in turn make the clutch pull harder, you can see the grooves in the basket when they are bad bad other things are cheap aftermarket perches and levers don't have the same leverage/ action/ wear, ect as stock honda (or good quailty aftermarket), add that to a worn cable and you got a tough pull as well
  11. Hare

    Need help asap. what could it be??

    yeah what they said plus more details, sorry if they are insulting, intended for a newbie (not that you are or aren't) A two smoke engine needs three things to run, Fuel, Spark, and Compression, one of those are missing, Spark is easy to see, fuel is easy to see missing or to add (to see if it helps), and compression can be felt (for the most part). Besides those, timing plays a small part but on most bikes it usually isn't an issue Which ever of these are missing is your problem and the direction you need to head to fix the problem. pull plug out of cylinder and while still attached to the spark plug wire , lay the plug against the cylinder, making sure it has a good contact with metal but is away from the spark plug hole so any fuel shooting out the hole won't be ignited by the spark from the plug and burn your bike and house down (learned young with an 82 IT175),ALSO don't touch the end of plug or you may get the shock of your life, kick the bike and look for spark, it should be blue and clear to see in all but bright sunlight, in no spark start there. if you do have spark then pour a little pre-mix fuel into the spark plug hole and install spark plug, kick it several times if it tries to start then fuel is your issue. Compression enough said. Let us know the outcome
  12. Hare

    XR's only Beware

    Someone else bought out the company, I have been using them reluctantly for over 10 years, they went downhill in the late 90s. They are fine if you get or have done one or two things but if theres a whole list of stuff THEY will forget stuff. One example is when i sent my xr628 top end to get freshen up, they sent me stock piston rings and no valve cover, sure they sent it red lable but my weekend was done. another time they sent me a stock head gasket and forgot the base gasket on the plus side they did a nice job saving my wiped out cam journal, and when they get it right, its right
  13. Hare

    scotts damper help needed

    it will not work with the XRs only gauge, i wish it did, my gauge sits on a shelf.
  14. Hare

    Piston selection

    from what i found is the factory piston is usually far better than most aftermarkets
  15. Hare

    pipe for 00' XR600

    I have the Yosh complete system, they list it for around $800. but i got mine under $500. a few years ago It its sweet, I have had zero issues and it makes great power, a tiny bit loud when hard on it but when short shifting, like the XR loves, its quiet.